The best of Spain’s Semana Santa train offers

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High-speed, low-cost train operator Ouigo is offering discounts of €10 for trips of two people between March 31st and April 10th between Madrid and Valencia during Semana Santa, Spain’s famous Holy Week.

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You can take advantage of the promotion from March 22nd until April 10th by booking through Ouigo’s website and app, and entering the promotional code SSANTA10.

The offer is only valid for bookings of at least two people on round trips.


Due to the increase in demand during Semana Santa, one of Spain’s busiest tourist times of the year, Ouigo will also bolster the frequency of its services to offer 10,180 seats on the route per day.

Tickets generally start from €9, with a flat rate of €5 for children between 4 and 13 years old, and free travel for children up to 3 years old, as long as they travel with an adult.

Other €9 routes include Madrid-Barcelona, Zaragoza-Barcelona, and Madrid-Tarragona.

With such popularity, the French-owned company is now eyeing expansion across Spain. Tickets for a new route between Madrid-Chamartín and Alicante (passing through Albacete) will open from March 28th, and is hoping to expand its services south to Andalusia sometime in the near future, with connections between Madrid and Córdoba, Seville and Málaga, which are likely to open in 2024. 

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Iryo is another of Spain’s high-speed rail operators. The company offers services to Andalusia that you can take advantage of in the lead-up to Semana Santa.

Until March 26th, Iryo has promotion of 250,000 flexible tickets on sale for €18 for any date in 2023 on routes across Spain including Madrid-Córdoba, Madrid-Seville, and Madrid-Málaga.

You can find out more information about and book the €18 promotional tickets here

The routes open from March 31st, and beyond the initial promotion period the prices start at:

  • Madrid – Córdoba: €35
  • Madrid – Seville: €47.50
  • Madrid – Málaga: €60



Spain’s state-owned railway Renfe also has its own high-speed brach, known as Avlo, which is running some promotions ahead of Easter.

From March 27th, AVLO will connect Alicante and Madrid, with stops in Villena, Albacete and Cuenca for just €7, as well as offering services between Madrid-Valencia and Madrid-Barcelona for €7. You can find information and book tickets here.

Spain’s Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez Jiménez, also confirmed recently that Avlo will become Spain’s second high-speed brand to reach Andalusia, offering services to both Seville and Málaga at a promotional price of just €7.

This offer will be available from mid-April to travel from the first half of June 2023 and will link Madrid with Seville and Málaga. They will stop at all the intermediate stations including Ciudad Real, Puertollano, Córdoba, Puente Genil and Antequera.