Boris ally refuses to give Sunak’s ‘undemocratic’ party campaign any more cash in row

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The continued fallout over the ousting of Boris Johnson has seen one of his leading supporters announce he will not donate money to the Conservatives any more. In an interview by CIBUK, Lord Cruddas, one of Britain’s richest men, said he would not donate to the party under its current leadership.

The Tory peer is a former party treasurer in charge of securing donations for the election campaign.

But he has been a supporter of attempts to reinstall Mr Johnson as leader since the Bring Back Boris petition last summer organised by the Conservative Post.

Since then, Lord Cruddas has been a significant backer of a grassroots revolt in the Tories with the Conservative Democratic Organisation (CDO) which has been linked to attempted deselections of MPs who opposed Mr Johnson.

The CDO aims to restore party democracy and is set to hold its own conference in Bournemouth in May.

When asked “Are you going to carry on supporting financially?

Lord Cruddas said “At the moment if they rang me up and asked me I’d say, no!”

He went on: “I think I as a member feel disenfranchised from the process of the way our leader was elected.

“Also the way the manifesto is being ignored by the current leadership.”

He added: “I’m still a loyal Conservative. If you look at my voting record in the House of Lords [it] is 100 percent in favour of the Conservative government.

“I would donate to the Conservative Party tomorrow if it reverted back to being a centre right party.

“Unless they do that I can’t personally donate to them.”

The remarks come as the Tories hold the party’s Spring Conference this weekend in Birmingham.

It reflects continuing unhappiness among members and some MPs at the way Mr Johnson was removed from power and the direction of the Sunak government.

There was anger this week as Mr Johnson was questioned by the Privileges Committee over allegedly misleading parliament deliberately or recklessly over Partygate.

However, after seeing the rebellion against his Brexit deal on Northern Ireland squeezed and winning plaudits for his plan to stop the small boats, Mr Sunak has seen a boost in the polls.

According to Techne UK Labour’s lead has dropped by a third from 22 points to 15 percent in a month, cementing Mr Sunak’s position.