Wagner boss offered to reveal Russian troop positions to Ukraine

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The head of the Wagner Group offered to give up Russian troop positions to Ukraine if it agreed to withdraw from around Bakhmut, leaked documents show.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, who has in recent weeks made several public statements about his frustration with the  lack of ammunition given to his mercenary force, made the offer in January to his contacts in Ukraine’s military intelligence directorate, according to classified US documents leaked on Discord.

Ukrainian officials confirmed to the Washington Post that Mr Prigozhin has spoken to the Ukrainian intelligence directorate several times over the course of the war.

Another document said that Mr Prigozhin had advised Ukrainian forces to push forward with an assault on the border of Crimea, and told a Ukrainian intelligence officer that the Russian military was struggling with ammunition supplies.

The Ukrainian official told the Washington Post that Kyiv has rejected the Bakhmut offer because officials do not trust the Wagner chief and thought his proposals could have been disingenuous.

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