Police swoop on TikTok prankster’s flat after he ‘storms strangers’ homes at random’ | UK | News

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The police are searching for an 18-year-old man after a video was posted of men storming a home (Image: Getty)

A suspected TikTok prankster who allegedly stormed into a family home with at least one other young man is being sought by the police. Officers descended on a flat on Monday in the search for an 18-year-old who they believe may be behind a series of vile pranks shared online.

Footage shows at least two men enter the property as a mum swept the front patio, leaving the front door open.

The video starts with one of the callous thugs saying: “Walking into random houses – let’s go.”

He then enters the house before brazenly entering the hallway while young children can be heard shouting: “Daddy.”

The suspect wanted by the police has allegedly posted a number of disturbing videos in which he harasses people.

In the latest sick prank, he films himself snatching an elderly woman’s dog then running away laughing. He later returns the hound to its owner who appears visibly distressed.

Two police officers arrived at the flat the teenager shares with his mother in Stoke Newington, northeast London, at 3pm on Monday.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement officers are trying to trace a man after the video showing the storming of the home was posted on social media.

It added: “The main individual who features in the footage – an 18-year-old man – has been identified by officers. He is seen, in the company of another, to enter a private address in Hackney seemingly without the permission of the homeowners.”

The force said attempts are being made by officers from the Central East Command Unit to find the man so he can be dealt with for a suspected breach of a Community Protection Notice issued in May 2022.

That notice prohibits him from carrying out any act which will or is intended to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

The Met’s statement continued: “It is believed the content of the video in question could amount to such a breach.

“The breach was imposed in response to a number of historical videos posted on social media by the same individual.”

Detective Chief Superintendent James Conway of the Central East Command Unit said: “We are aware that this video has been widely shared both on social and mainstream media, and understand the concern caused by its content.

“I would like to reassure the public we are taking the matter very seriously and are conducting an investigation, including enquiries to locate the man seen in the video.

“We have spoken with the homeowners and will continue to liaise with them in regards to our action on this matter.

“We are aware of other videos posted by the same individual which have also been circulating, but believe these to be historic matters which were addressed through previous police action, though we continue to pursue enquiries to check this.”

The police action comes after politicians condemned the videos and called for swift action to put a stop to it.

Paul Scully, Minister for Technology and the Digital Economy, warned TikTok the forthcoming Online Safety Bill will mean social media companies will have to delete the content.

Mr Scully warned TikTok they “don’t need to wait until then to do the right thing” with the suspect’s Twitter account, pointing out his content is “still against most platforms’ Terms and Conditions”.

Conservative Party Assembly Member Susan Hall also intervened, urging the Met to intervene and asking: “Is it any wonder women don’t feel safe?”

Mrs Hall added: “No legitimate social media platform should be hosting this thug’s vile videos.”

Labour’s Shadow Culture Minister Alex Davies-Jones said the content is “disturbing and upsetting”, adding it is another example of how the country desperately needs the Online Safety Bill to hold social media platforms to account.

He said: “Youtube & TikTok seem happy to allow this irresponsible content to proliferate on their platforms. It’s unacceptable.”

TikTok said they deleted the user’s account last week, although the suspect reportedly created a new profile and quickly began uploading to it. That second account has now also been deleted.

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