Now my dream is to write a novel

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Ms Sturgeon said it was a rarity to hear “authentic working class female voices” in many walks of life and said she remembered women who joined “menages” – which are self-managed saving schemes and soup pots, which feature in Godley’s novel.

Recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Godley went viral on social media for her comical voiceovers of Ms Sturgeon’s Covid briefings.

The pair discussed how the voiceovers came about where Godley revealed she had always done them.

She reconsidered doing them during the Covid pandemic because of the impact the virus had on people, but it was her daughter Ashley Storrie who encouraged her to keep doing them.

She said: “We were doing these for the sake of it, when I did the first one I went: I can’t, people have died. This isn’t the right thing to do.

“But when they took off, people were saying to me they were really funny.”

Ms Sturgeon said: “There were two things you used to say in them and it was that: ‘My feet were killing me’.

“My feet usually were killing me, and that I was starving and I usually was starving.”

Among the most popular were those of Ms Sturgeon which often ended with a now infamous phrase: “Frank! Get the door!”

Godley revealed that Frank was based on a man who read “cowboy books” in the pub she used to work in.

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