Ron DeSantis 2024 Merchandise Mocked

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GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis’ campaign on Thursday released a new line of merchandise that attempted to spin the Florida governor’s glitchy 2024 launch on Twitter.

T-shirts and mugs available to buy on the Republican fundraising platform WinRed boast that “DeSantis Breaks Systems.” It doubles down on the claim from the Florida governor’s team that his popularity “broke the internet” with the launch.

On Twitter, the DeSantis campaign wrote: “Breaking Twitter was just the warmup… Help us break Washington next.”

However, the campaign’s rhetoric has been fiercely called into question.

Per The New York Times, DeSantis’ announcement had a high of about 300,000 concurrent listeners. As of Thursday, there’d been 3.4 million listeners in total.

See some of the responses to the new merchandise here:

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