Jen Psaki Gives Eyebrow-Raising Take On Why Joe Biden Is ‘Comfortable’ To Many In GOP

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Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday that Republicans struggle to portray President Joe Biden as extreme because of his gender and skin color. (Watch the video below.)

“He’s a white man who’s older, so you know he is comfortable to many in their base,” Psaki told host Joy Reid on MSNBC.

Psaki’s comment got an animated reaction from Reid during their discussion about the GOP’s perception of Biden and how it could work for the president in his 2024 reelection bid.

Psaki, who also hosts her own MSNBC show, was asked by Reid about Biden being underestimated, and how he frustrates the right because he is “so normal.”

“Well, if you look back, Joy, to 2020, they were trying to figure out how to take him out. They can’t make him extreme. They can’t really make him offensive,” Psaki replied before her “white man” comment.

“But I also think they have underestimated him many times,” adding that it wasn’t “necessarily a disadvantage.”

Psaki said the GOP hasn’t figured out how to “take him down.”

“That’s why when you talk to Republican strategists back in 2020, they would say, ‘We don’t really want it to be Joe Biden ’cause people aren’t freaked out by him,’” she said.

It’s not for lack of trying. Critics have attempted to paint as Biden too old, too influential with the FBI, and too involved in family business.

A recent poll indicated the majority of American voters believe Biden’s reelection would either be a “setback” or “disaster” for the country. Ditto for the leading GOP challenger, former President Donald Trump.

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