Trump Says He Doesn’t Know ‘Anything’ About A Tape Of Him Discussing Sensitive Documents

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Former President Donald Trump said Thursday he doesn’t “know anything” about a reported tape of him discussing a sensitive military document he allegedly took from the White House.

CNN and The New York Times reported Wednesday federal prosecutors had obtained the tape as part of the ongoing investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents. The recording, taken during a July 2021 meeting in New Jersey, reportedly includes audio of Trump referencing a document he said was related to the U.S. attack on Iran. During the conversation, Trump went on to indicate he knew the document was secret.

Fox NewsSean Hannity asked the former president about the reports during a town hall style event Thursday, but Trump said he knew nothing about them and defended his behavior.

“I don’t know anything about it,” he said, repeating his assertion that he could declassify anything he wanted under the Presidential Records Act, a hazy legal claim.

“I have the right to declassify as president,” Trump said. “There was nothing done wrong, nothing whatsoever.”

Despite his claims, the latest reports add to growing evidence reportedly compiled by Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith, whose investigation into the classified files is nearing its end. The existence of the tape could undermine Trump’s claims that everything he took with him to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida after his presidency was automatically declassified, or that “everyone knew” he had taken the files.

Prosecutors are homing in on whether Trump attempted to obstruct efforts to recover the classified material.

Trump went on to say the ongoing investigations into his behavior during the waning days of his presidency and after he left the White House were part of a long-standing “hoax” to interfere with the election.

“It’s a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time,” Trump said. “I’ve been going through this for seven years.”

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