Prince Harry can’t win his war against the media

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Prince Harry is due to give evidence this week in his court case against News Group Newspapers (NGN), publishers of The Sun and The Sun on Sunday, for unlawful information gathering.

In this episode of Royal Insight, Camilla Tominey explains how the Duke’s court cases are a double edged sword.

“If Harry thinks he has a claim for phone hacking and he wants to go all the way through the courts to win it, then fair play to him; having said that, even if he wins, he also loses,” she says.

“Having divulged more private information in his ongoing quest to protect his privacy, even if he wins in court, Harry may end up losing in the long run.

“Harry is a man on a mission to reform the press and feels it is his life’s purpose to do so. It’s very backward looking trying to avenge the people he thinks caused his mother’s death.”

“Prince Harry sees himself as a champion for a different media. To Harry, if he has to write damaging things about his family, then so be it. This is the bigger prize – reform of the media.”

“Is there a noble aim at the heart of what Prince Harry is trying to do – yes. I don’t think most people myself included, are happy with the idea of paparazzi pursuing celebrities in car chases, it’s not safe.”

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