Jack Dorsey endorses Robert F Kennedy Jr for president

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Jack Dorsey has officially endorsed anti-vaxxer and bitcoin enthusiast Robert F Kennedy Jr for president.

Mr Dorsey shared a YouTube link to a Fox News interview of John F Kennedy’s 69-year-old nephew on Sunday, titled “Robert F Kennedy Jr argues he can beat Trump and DeSantis in 2024”.

Mr Dorsey quote tweeted the link. “He can and will,” wrote the Twitter co-founder.

RFK Jr announced his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in April and hit the campaign trail for the first time last week.

In response to his tweet, a commentator asked Mr Dorsey if he was “just predicting” or endorsing RFK Jr.

“Both,” replied the former Twitter boss.

In April, during the event in Boston when he announced his 2024 bid, Mr Kennedy Jr said: “I got a lot to talk about… I’m really going to let loose on them [social media platforms and the mainstream media] for the next 18 months. They’re going to hear a lot from me.”

On Twitter, one user replied to Mr Dorsey’s tweet: “Not a chance the DNC allows him to be nominated.”

To this, he replied: “Even more reason.”

Another user voiced the same fears about the Democratic party not allowing Mr Kennedy Jr in the race. “The DNC would never allow that, are you kidding?”

“True but they seem to be more irrelevant by the day,” replied Mr Dorsey.

His endorsement of Mr Kennedy Jr was also criticised by observers.

“Imagine being Jack. You could improve global health simply by divesting your wealth,” wrote author John Green. “But instead, you bait-tweet endorse a fella who thinks HIV is unrelated to AIDS – a conspiracy theory that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. And all for that little hit of Twitter dopamine.”

“Anyway, I hope this hot take feels good, Jack!” he tweeted.

“Thanks for reminding me that billionaires are just as likely to be consumed by misinformation and bias against the truly vulnerable as anyone else!”

“So he is running for the GOP where he belongs, nice,” wrote another user.

“If you’re going to blow your reputation on a fringe candidate why go for anti-vax/crypto/conspiracy guy when you could blow your reputation on Marianne Williamson’s healing crystal chakra energy?” said another user, mocking Mr Dorsey.

Instagram on Sunday lifted its suspension of the vaccine sceptic presidential contender, said reports.

He was removed from the platform in 2021 for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about Covid in violation of its policies on the pandemic.

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