Sunak says he’s nothing to hide as he denies blocking Johnson’s messages | Politics | News

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The Prime Minister insisted he is cooperating with Baroness Hallett’s investigation into the pandemic response despite the row threatening to end up in the courts.

Boris Johnson has said he is happy to hand over his unredacted messages and faces losing government funded legal support if he does so without permission from the Cabinet Office.

Mr Sunak said it was “not at all” the case the move was designed to hide anything.

He told broadcasters he was ‘spending a lot’ of time co-operating with the inquiry.

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Quizzed over whether he was worried about being left red faced over his own messages, the Prime Minister said: “No, not at all.”

He said he was co-operating and providing information to the inquiry.

“It’s actually taking a lot of my own time, but that’s right that I do that,” he added.

“But obviously there’s a legal proceeding ongoing on one particular thing at the moment, which I can’t comment on.

“But more broadly, the work that the inquiry is doing is important and necessary, and those involved should co-operate in a spirit of candour and transparency. That’s what I’m doing and that’s what the Government’s doing.”

Asked if he had full confidence in Lady Hallett, he replied: “I think the Covid inquiry is doing important and necessary work.”

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