US government contradicts UFO whistleblower’s claims of possible ‘extraterrestrial materials’

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UFO whistleblower David Charles Grusch is coming forward with more allegations that the US government has evidence that humans are “not alone” and there may be extraterrestrial life.

Last week, Mr Grusch claimed that the US government has concealed evidence of a “non-human” craft from Congress and filed a formal whistleblower complaint alleging he received retaliation for confidential disclosing this to the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

After making his initial allegations in an explosive interview with The Debrief, Mr Grusch is coming forward with more details and information about the government’s evidence of possible extraterrestrial life.

Mr Grush told NewsNation that the US may have an intact or partially intact craft of “non-human origin” in its possession and possibly evidence of deceased people through the alleged ‘broad crash retrieval program’.

“Well, naturally, when you recover something that’s either landed or crashed … sometimes you encounter dead pilots and, believe it or not, as fantastical as that sounds. It’s true,” Mr Grusch told NewsNation.

Mr Grusch, a veteran of the US Air Force, former member of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) and former co-lead of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) task force for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, said during his time on the task force colleagues confided in him about a broad crash retrieval program.

“I thought it was totally nuts and thought at first I was being deceived,” Mr Grusch said. “I had plenty of senior, former intelligence officers that came to me, many of which I knew almost my whole career, that confided in me that they were part of a program.”

The programme had “quite a number” of “retrieving non-human origin technical vehicles,” Mr Grusch explained.

Though Mr Grusch said he never saw the non-human evidence himself, he said he’s talked to enough people involved in the program that he believes it’s real.

He reportedly told Congress about the programme and how it was concealed from the government branch according to The Debrief.

He also informed them of a decades-long, “competition with near-peer adversaries over the years to identify UAP crashes / landings and retrieve the material for exploitation / reverse engineering to garner asymmetric national defence advantages.”

However, Mr Grusch’s claims are contradicted by the government.

“To date, AARO has not discovered any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently,” Sue Gough a Department of Defense spokesperson said in a statement to The Independent.

Mr Grusch believes the US has a “disinformation campaign” about the information he is alleging, according to NewsNation.

“I’m not a disgruntled employee,” Mr Grusch told NewsNation. “I resigned on my own accord because I thought, altruistically, it’s more appropriate to show leadership on the outside.”

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