Fox Host Spars With Trump Lovin’ Republican: These Charges ‘Can’t All Be Specious’

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Fox NewsNeil Cavuto pressed Rep. Nick Langworthy (R-N.Y.) over the “78 charges altogether” facing former President Donald Trump and asked what isn’t “specious” among them on Wednesday.

Langworthy, once a member of Trump’s transition team who was endorsed by 45 last year, told the host that he expects “a continuation of more of the same” as the former president prepares to be arraigned on charges that he tried to overturn the 2020 election.

“Every time the walls close in on Joe Biden, President Trump gets indicted again,” said the New York Republican as he pushed an argument dished out by several Republicans including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

“So, I think this is really just a continuation of the two-tiered system of justice at play. This is accomplishing nothing but trying to imprison and jail the president of the United States’ chief political opponent in the presidential election. I just find it absurd.”

Cavuto noted that his guest “might be right about some” of his claims as he went on to take note of the dozens of charges Trump faces this year.

“There are 78 charges altogether, Congressman. They can’t all be specious, can they?” asked Cavuto.

“Well, it’s unprecedented that you have had a series… you had an impeachment trial for one,” noted Langworthy, who added that indictments have “sprouted up” against Trump and they’re timed to interfere in the upcoming election.

Cavuto would hit back that “a lot” of the allegations in Trump’s cases are of his “own making.”

“There are a lot of allegations here that the politics notwithstanding, if any of them hold up, I mean, that’s Donald Trump’s doing, right?” asked the host.

You can watch more of Cavuto’s interview with Langworthy below.

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