Traveller insists passenger move after she’s sat in his paid-for seat | UK | News

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A train passenger was cheered after he asked a fellow passenger to move from the seat he had booked ahead of time. He posted the video on TikTok which has since racked up more than 7.8 million views.

The video starts as the man asks for his seat, which is taken by a woman who initially appears hesitant to move and seems to suggest asking if he could perhaps look elsewhere.

The man later explains that finding a seat is “going to be difficult”.

Begrudgingly but with understanding, the woman then stands up to leave – but not before two other women, who don’t appear to be linked to her, chip in to suggest the TikToker just try and find another place.

He can be heard saying: “But it’s my place.”

The other passenger then says: “But, you know.”

The TikToker hit back by saying: “But, you know, calm down.”

The video was posted with the username @mr_boris_becker, who was not put off by the awkwardness and stuck to his guns.

Commenting on the TikTok video, other people said they would not have been able to handle the exchange in such a calm manner.

One person said: “The other girl should’ve minded her own business.”

Another user commented: “No way they were getting upset at you asking for the place you bought.”

A third hit out: “The other woman getting into is none of her business.”

Some believed that other passengers’ behaviour was “very, very cheeky”.

One said: “How are they gonna get mad for a place you paid for?”

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