Jenni Hermoso calls for action against Luis Rubiales for unwanted kiss

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Veteran American player Megan Rapinoe said Rubiales’ actions highlighted the level of “misogyny and sexism” within the RFEF.

“There was a picture that signals such a deep level of misogyny and sexism in that federation and in that man [Rubiales] at the final whistle, just grabbing his crotch.

“What kind of upside-down world are we in? On the biggest stage, where you should be celebrating, Jenni has to be physically assaulted by this guy.”

Fifteen Spain players were involved in a dispute with the federation prior to the finals, with the coaching methods of Jorge Vilda reportedly among their concerns.

“Think how much that Spanish team had to shoulder: some of the players who stood up way back last year still aren’t on the team,” Rapinoe said.

“Maybe that was something that galvanised them, but you shouldn’t have to have that.”

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