the (too) many reversals of Jean-Luc Mélenchon | EUROtoday

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The ban on the abaya in school is, in response to Insoumis, a “new absurd war of religion”. However, he was not all the time on this line…

By Sébastien Schneegans

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” VSLike painters, Mélenchon has his eras. » This observation from Guillaume Lacroix, head of the Radical Left Party and confidant of candidate Insoumis during the last presidential campaign, seems more accurate than ever… On secularism, there are several Mélenchons. The one who believes in 2010 that “the veil is a repugnant and obscene practice”, and the one who participated in the CCIF march in 2019, since dissolved. The one who, regarding the burkini, judges in 2016 “odious” the “communitarian” instrumentalization of ladies’s our bodies, and the one who vigorously opposes the invoice aimed toward preventing towards separatism, qualifying Emmanuel Macron’s speech on the separatism of “speech against Muslims”. The one, lastly, who considers in 2015 that the veil is a “sti…