Feijo activates his territorial offensive against the amnesty: “I prefer to look the opposition in the eye than lower my head in La Moncloa” | EUROtoday

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Cuca Gamarra will meet on Thursday with the PNV spokesman Aitor Esteban

Feijo: “I prefer to look into the eyes of the opposition than lower my head in La Moncloa”EL MUNDO (Video) // BERNARDO DAZ (Photo)

Two weeks earlier than his investiture speech, Alberto Nez Feijo is absolutely conscious that he has no actual likelihood of transferring ahead with that vote. But he desires to defend his “equality” challenge, as a distinction to Pedro Sánchez’s makes an attempt to “unblock” the legislature at the threat of additionally “unblocking” Spain, that’s, breaking it.

“I prefer that we can look the opposition in the eye than that we have to lower our heads to enter La Moncloa,” he mentioned in his speech earlier than the National Board of Directors, which is the highest physique of the PP between congresses.

“I would rather pay the price of a ‘no’ for defending” that Spain wants unity and reforms “than pay the price for misgovernment,” Feijo mentioned. “It is tempting, and even easy, to choose that path to Moncloa, but I can assure you that it is not like this. It is always worth choosing the path of freedom in the face of those who endanger it, it is always worth choosing dignity, especially when indignity threatens to flood everything,” he later solemnized. And additionally, he has insisted, it’s higher to “bet on the equality of all Spaniards” versus somebody who’s prepared “to curtail it.”

For this motive, Feijo has introduced a territorial offensive against the amnesties, as EL MUNDO introduced final September 7, via motions for the socialists to “represent themselves.” “The response to the separatist challenge cannot be a mere dialectical confrontation between Genoa and Ferraz. Responsibility is collective. No politician will be able to hide his opinion. We will carry out an initiative in favor of the equality of the Spanish people and against the privileges of politicians. independence to the courts, the assemblies, the town councils”…

Meeting with the PNV

On the different hand, sources from the PP management affirm to this newspaper that the parliamentary spokesperson for the fashionable, Cuca Gamarra, will meet on Thursday with Aitor Esteban, spokesperson for the PNV in Congress, inside the spherical of contacts for the investiture on September 26 and 27. It should be remembered that the PNV has already slammed the door on Feijo at the very least thrice.

In his speech, the chief of the PP has insisted on the concept that Sánchez would commit a type of fraud on his citizens if he accepted an amnesty, as a result of he didn’t embrace it in the electoral program: “Neither the PP nor the PSOE have asked the consent of the Spanish to break with the equality of all citizens before the law. Nobody has given their consent to demolish the rule of law in exchange for a few votes.”

In this fashion, the president of the PP activates the opposition mode, in case Sánchez’s parliamentary majority is consummated. But, at the similar time, he has proclaimed that he’ll arrive at La Moncloa “now or soon.” “With all certainty we have begun the path that will lead us to govern Spain now or soon, not through auctions, shortcuts or deception, and not by complying with what the minority imposes on the majority of Spaniards,” he careworn. “It will be through commitments with the majority of citizens and families, now or soon”, he concluded.

That is why he provides loads of worth to his investiture speech and to having accepted the King’s proposal: “Now this investiture process is more important so that what millions of Spaniards think and want for this country is not silenced. The PSOE has tried to despise 8 million voters [del PP] by not recognizing the results of the elections.” “And then,” Feijo continued his argument, “he has tried to despise 11 million and has tried to silence the investiture, and they have cornered us simply because what is in our program is nothing “what’s being talked about now to make investments Sánchez”.

Therefore, “it’s a fallacy that the investiture is determined by a couple of pro-independence deputies,” in his opinion, but rather there is a constitutionalist alternative. “The independence motion desires a 155 in reverse, to have an intervened president”, as well as “the equality of the Spanish folks”, and “it can’t be accepted that they modify our system for one in which the votes shouldn’t have the similar worth”, has riveted