Felipe Gonzlez, after the expulsion of Redondo: “Whoever is not controversial is the one who swallows everything” | EUROtoday

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The PP embraces the former socialist president in its offensive towards Pedro Sánchez

Felipe Gonz
Felipe Gonzlez, along with Juanma Moreno and the presidents of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, Francisco Herrero, and of Cajasol, Antonio Pulido.GOGO LOBATO

The former president of the Government and former secretary common of the PSOE, Felipe Gonzlez, did not need to delve into the inner wound of the PSOE as a result of of the presumed amnesty, however he despatched some messages roughly between the traces the day during which the expulsion of Nicols Redondo Terreros turned recognized for, exactly, opposing the concessions to the independentists. And from his phrases we are able to interpret a discomfort that he has been expressing for weeks.

Gonzlez affirmed that “he who is not controversial is that he swallows everything and you understand what that means” and, with out reiterating his critics to the present management of his occasion, he emphasised that “I feel free because I say what I think and responsible because I think what I say.”

He did it in an occasion during which he was supported by a very good half of the flat main of the Andalusian PP, with Juanma Moreno at the helm. The president of the autonomous Parliament, Jess Aguirre; The mayor of Seville, José Luis Sanz, and Senator Javier Arenas have been some of the illustrious folks who did not need to miss the tribute to González that the Chamber of Commerce of Seville and the Ibero-American chambers paid him.

Nothing coincidental, since the Andalusian PP has embraced the former socialist president in his offensive towards Pedro Sánchez for the presumed amnesty and territorial concessions to the Catalan independentists and in the face of the ambiguity of Andalusian socialism led by Juan Espadas, additionally current in a tribute attended by historic socialists reminiscent of Alfonso Guerra or José Rodríguez de la Borbolla, along with Manuel Chaves.

The Popular Party has present in the former president of the Government a his finest battering ram towards Pedro Sánchez in his offensive towards the amnesty that the Catalan independentists intend to extract from him in alternate for his assist in the investiture. In specific, the Andalusian PP of Juanma Moreno has embraced Gonzlez and his resounding rejection of concessions to the sovereigntists to spotlight the division in the PSOE and in the face of the ambiguity maintained by the Andalusian federation of Juan Espadas.

Felipe Gonz
Felipe Gonzlez greets a bunch of socialist supporters earlier than the occasion in Seville.GOGO LOBATO

Moreno mentioned of him that he is “a lifetime leader” and “a reference for those of us who understand Spain from moderation and a sense of state”, not in any respect coincidental phrases, chosen to distinction the former president with the present chief of the PSOE.

Moreno sorry that do not hearken to him and expressed his admiration “regardless of political differences.”

“Nicols Redondo Sr. called for a strike and I never thought about expulsion”

In statements to journalists in Seville, after receiving the Ibero-American Torre del Oro Award, a recognition by the Cajasol Foundation and the Sevillian Chamber of Commerce, Gonzlez harassed that “Nicols Redondo father made me, I called a general strike as a parliamentarian, over the issue of pensions, reform, and “It by no means occurred to me that this might be penalized by expulsion.”

For the former president of the Government, who has avoided commenting on his position against the amnesty proposed by the independentists to support the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez, this call for a strike, unlike what has happened with Redondo Terreros, “It was a critical factor, not an opinion.” Reports Efe.

It was Felipe Gonzlez himself who a week ago opened the thunder box of the PSOE giving voice to the stupor and anger that has been caused in a sector of the party by the predisposition of the leadership to grant an amnesty to the Catalan independence leaders accused and convicted by 1-O.

In an interview on Onda Cero Radio, the former president of the Government was exhaustive and stated that neither amnesty nor self-determination fit into the Constitution while warning that the foundations of our democracy and coexistence are being attacked.

He even confessed that it was difficult for him to vote for his party, the PSOE, in the last general elections.

His sharp criticism marked the path for a good number of historic leaders of the PSOE equally contrary to unlimited concessions to sovereignists in exchange for the investiture. Alfonso Guerra -who accompanied him yesterday in Seville-, Ramón Juregui, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra and Joaquín Almunia expressed more or less clearly their critical position with the direction of Pedro Sánchez.