At the trial of Rédoine Faïd, the helicopter pilot recounts the spectacular escape | EUROtoday

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Sour testimony was anticipated. After a begin to the listening to disrupted by an accused who refused to look for well being causes after which by technical issues throughout interrogations, Stéphane Buy, a septuagenarian with a slender silhouette and a bald head, took the stand on Monday 18 september.

1er July 2018, it was he who, below duress, escaped the robber Rédoine Faïd from Réau jail (Seine-et-Marne), the place the latter was positioned in solitary confinement. Tried since the starting of September by the Paris Assize Court, with eleven different defendants – together with 5 members of his household – he dangers life imprisonment.

At the time, the helicopter teacher at the Lognes-Emerainville aerodrome had by no means heard of the robber. In May 2018, this aeronautics fanatic met a father and son, the “Lepetits”, who needed to have a primary flight. The trio flew twice on a four-seater plane. On June 17, the “Lepetits” returned with a 3rd man for a brand new flight. But this time, they spot one other helicopter, an Alouette II, an outdated French machine which isn’t of a lot curiosity, besides that it has an additional seat.
READ ALSO Rédoine Faïd, the director of organized crime “Next time, we’ll have a good flight with this,” the clients ask their teacher. Appointment is given on 1er July 2018 at 9:30 a.m. “We started stealing,” Stéphane Buy advised the court docket. They advised me they needed to perform a little greater than thirty minutes. » But as they strategy a area, one of the three “Lepetits” asks the teacher to sit down right down to urinate.

A couple of minutes later, two of them returned with weapons of their fingers and robbed the teacher. At the helm, Stéphane Buy’s voice turns into troubled: “They put me on my knees in front of a tree and explained to me that I had to go find one of their friends. I had an interest in doing my job well. They told me that if I did not comply, they would kill a member of my family. That day, I was supposed to return around 1 p.m., my wife had invited my granddaughter and my grandniece for lunch. »

I’m not a terrorist or a killer, take off! »

The crew takes off again and orders Stéphane Buy to make another stop in a clearing, where a large red blanket has been placed. “I saw two other men arrive, dressed like Raid police officers, with balaclavas and machine guns,” says the teacher. One of the occupants additionally leaves the airplane to depart the fifth seat empty. But when it was time to take off once more, the helicopter refused to start out. Engine failure. “They thought I was pretending, I was hit with a rifle butt. I tried again, it still didn’t work. I prayed it would work, and on the third attempt the device restarted. »

READ ALSO Trial of Rédoine Faïd: “We will wall you up alive” The armed males ordered the pilot to proceed at low altitude, between 5 and ten meters above the buildings, to the Réau jail, the place he landed in the most important courtyard. The jail constructing is then one of the uncommon ones to not have anti-intrusion strains. The two armed males go down, reduce open the jail doorways and make Rédoine Faïd escape, then speaking together with her brother Brahim.

The escape lasts solely 7 minutes and 33 seconds. The “King of Beauty” climbs into the helicopter and pats Stéphane Bouy on the knees: “I’m not a terrorist or a killer, take off!” » he orders him. His mere presence appears to calm the complete commando.

“Strangely, calm returned when Rédoine Faïd entered the machine. Everyone left me alone,” says the pilot. In the center of the flight, the escapee asks his accomplices if that they had taken bleach and gasoline: “I was more worried than ever because I didn’t understand what it could be used for,” remembers Stéphane Buy.

“Do you know who you escaped? »

After a few minutes of flight, the armed men ordered the instructor to land on a path, at the entrance to a dual carriageway, near Gonesse (Val-d’Oise), where a powerful Renault Mégane RS comes to collect the commando. Before leaving, Rédoine Faïd sets fire to the helicopter’s cockpit. Despite the risk of explosion, Stéphane Buy tries to put out the fire: “ I was sorry, I wanted to avoid that. This is a collector’s item. »

When they arrived, a few minutes later, the police discovered Stéphane Buy shirtless, with scratches on his body. At first they think they are dealing with a helicopter crash. A moment later, the firefighters took charge of the traumatized pilot. “Do you know who you escaped? » they question him. “No,” replies Stéphane Buy. “Rédoine Faïd. »

Examined at the hospital, Stéphane Buy spent an evening below statement. His physique is marked by just a few bruises, marks of blows with rifle butts. When he was examined by a psychiatrist just a few months later, he was prescribed forty-five days of whole incapacity for work.

Invited by the judges to discuss his escape, Rédoine Faïd addresses his sufferer: “I listened attentively and I wish to inform him how extraordinarily sorry I’m for what occurred to him. I’m conscious of your struggling, I hope that these debates will show you how to restore your self in order that this story stays behind you. » Intriguing element, earlier than her escape from Réau, Rédoine Faïd had began an epistolary correspondence with Céline M., daughter-in-law of Stéphane Buy. Questioned by the court docket, the 51-year-old robber assured that it was a pure coincidence.