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LHere he seems, dressed in a white t-shirt and blue shorts, tanned complexion and imposing construct. Video surveillance images are projected on the screens in the room of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Assize Court. The final ones on which we will see Philippe Monguillot aware. On July 5, 2020 in Bayonne, this bus driver was overwhelmed and left for useless by passengers boarding and not using a ticket.

For the court docket, these images are essential. If homicidal intent has been dominated out and the accused, Wyssem Manai and Maxime Guyennon, each aged 25, are showing at the moment not for “murder” however for “aggravated fatal assault”, it should nevertheless be as much as decide whether or not the info should be equally blamed on them, or in the event that they bear separate accountability.

The driver collapses after a really violent uppercut

It is after 7 p.m. and the cameras of the bus pushed by Philippe Monguillot present two younger individuals, cap backwards for one, hair bleached and tied in a ponytail for the opposite, put in at the again of the automobile. For some unknown cause – as a result of they weren’t carrying masks? as a result of he had already had hassle with them earlier in the day? –, Philippe Monguillot stops his bus and heads in the direction of the group of younger individuals. Everything occurs in a short time: we see the driving force asking the younger individuals to get off. They encompass him, appear to problem him, even insult him. If no sound was captured, we will guess that they’re very virulent, even threatening. The video, nevertheless, leaves no room for doubt: it’s certainly Philippe Monguillot who’s the primary to headbutt Wyssem Manai.

READ ALSO Bus driver killed in Bayonne: the trial of trivialized violenceWhat adopted was a myriad of blows, delivered by the 2 younger passengers to Philippe Monguillot, who, having fallen to the bottom, was hit on the top a number of instances. The brawl came about off digicam, however witnesses described it as ultra-violent. Philippe Monguillot will get up along with his face lined in blood, staggering, “unstable on his lower limbs, groggy”, the pathologist analyzed this Monday. Another video reveals this remaining blow delivered by Wyssem Manai to the driving force, who had simply stood up: an uppercut of incredible violence. The driver collapses and his head hits the bottom. “Philippe Monguillot, who weighed around 100 kg, fell like a leaf, with all his weight, without protection,” the forensic physician defined to the court docket. It is that this fall which is able to trigger the cranium fracture which, 5 days later, will result in demise.

“It all occurred too rapidly. I’m not a monster”

A little earlier in the day, the president of the court, Dominique Coquizart, invited the accused to give their position on the facts with which they are accused. In turn, they described a chain of violence which overwhelmed them and said they “never wanted the death” of Philippe Monguillot. “He asked us to put on the mask, he insulted us. I was going to go out, and he headbutted me […]. I didn’t understand anything, I found myself knocked out… I tried to struggle as best I could. I was panicked, I didn’t understand anything,” first assures Wyssem Manai, whose appearance has calmed down since July 5, 2020. Gone are the cap and the thick golden chain around his neck. This Monday, the young man wore a white shirt and thick glasses. He continues, in a sob: “After that, my lawyer told me that he was dead, I was distraught; for me, it was impossible. For me, it’s a tragedy, if I could go back… I didn’t understand anything. It all happened too quickly. I’m not a monster. » And thunder: “If I could give my life to Philippe Monguillot, I would! »

Maxime Guyennon, who admits to having kicked the victim twice in the head, but who also claims to have tried to intervene between his friend and the driver – which witnesses confirm –, explains in turn that he did not I couldn’t imagine that the driver could have ended up in such a serious condition. “I didn’t think it was going to go this far… I think about it every day,” he said, wearing a black T-shirt and hair tied in a ponytail.

Beyond these apologies, inaudible to the family, the screening of the chilling videos leaves no doubt that Philippe Monguillot was the victim of an outburst of violence. These images also say that reality is always more complex than it seems. For the defense, the headbutt provoked the defendants. Me Dutin, Maxime Guyennon’s lawyer, adds that “no violent gesture legitimizes this very violent headbutt.”

For the civil occasion, Me Novion reverses the argument: “We are confronted with a person who has simply accomplished his job. These younger individuals provoked him, did every little thing to shake him off his hinges and acquire a gesture that may enable them to let off steam. Let’s not get caught in the timeline of this whim. » On Tuesday, a number of witnesses to the scene will come and inform what they noticed. A approach of placing sound on these horrible images.