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Hurricane Nigel to quickly intensify

Hurricane Nigel, the sixth hurricane to type within the Atlantic Ocean this season, developed right into a Category 1 storm on Monday and is expected to “rapidly intensify” into a significant hurricane by Tuesday.

The storm initially shaped within the heart of the Atlantic on Saturday however shortly picked up energy, growing right into a Category 1 hurricane on Monday morning.

At the second, Nigel has sustained winds of 80 miles per hour.

But forecasters within the National Weather Service (NWS) and National Hurricane Center count on the storm to develop into a Category 3 by Tuesday – this implies Nigel can have sustained winds of a minimum of 111 miles per hour.

As of Monday morning, Nigel is positioned roughly 900 miles southeast of Bermuda however is shifting northwesterly. However, the hurricane isn’t expected to make landfall and no warnings or watches have been issued.

As of now, the National Hurricane Center predicts Nigel will veer off proper into the open Atlantic Ocean by Wednesday morning.

Nigel developed shortly after Hurricane Lee landed in Nova Scotia as a post-tropical storm.


Spaghetti models of Hurricane Nigel

The spaghetti models of Hurricane Nigel present the Category 1 storm making a proper and veering off into the Atlantic Ocean as of Wednesday.

The predicted spaghetti mannequin of Hurricane Nigel within the Atlantic Ocean. The storm will most certainly veer off into the center of the Atlantic on Wednesday

(South Florida Water Management District)

Ariana Baio18 September 2023 16:21


Why are so many hurricanes ‘rapidly intensifying’

When a hurricane, goes from a Category 1 storm to a Category 3 inside two days it’s thought of “rapidly intensifying” – the identical prediction given to Hurricane Nigel.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) defines fast intensification the place a storm’s most sustained winds soar 35 miles per hour (56 kph) in lower than 24 hours.

These storms can develop into extraordinarily harmful as they strategy coastlines as a result of they offer residents little time to put together and evacuate. They are the costliest and a fantastic menace to human life. They are additionally changing into extra frequent.

In the previous 32 years, most Category 3 or greater hurricanes have undergone fast intensification, in accordance to a 2022 examine.

This is due to hotter ocean waters, extra moisture within the environment and low vertical wind shear, Philip Klotzbach of Colorado State University advised Science News.

Vertical wind shear occurs when winds at completely different heights transfer at completely different speeds in numerous instructions. These can help in a storm’s intensification by pulling warmth and moisture throughout the higher construction of the storm.

But warming ocean temperatures are a significant factor in serving to enhance storms’ measurement and velocity. As the Earth turns into hotter, ocean temperatures rise and contribute to fueling hurricanes.

Ariana Baio18 September 2023 15:58


Hurricane Nigel’s expected path

Forecasters within the National Hurricane Center don’t predict that Hurricane Nigel will make landfall anyplace.

As of Monday morning, Hurricane Nigel will proceed shifting northwesterly then veer proper on Wednesday morning – heading again into the center of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hurricane Nigel’s potential path, in accordance to the National Hurricane Center


Ariana Baio18 September 2023 15:30


National Hurricane Center expects Hurricane Nigel to ‘rapidly intensify’

Ariana Baio18 September 2023 15:15


Where is Hurricane Nigel?

Hurricane Nigel, the sixth hurricane to type within the Atlantic Ocean this season, is positioned in the course of the Atlantic as of Monday morning.

The Category 1 hurricane is roughly 935 miles from Bermuda close to the latitude 26.5 North and longitude 50.7 West.

As of now, Hurricane Nigel isn’t expected to land anyplace as forecasters consider it can flip proper and head into the center of the ocean by Wednesday.

Hurricane Nigel’s areas as of 18 September, 2023


Ariana Baio18 September 2023 14:56


The Timeline of Storm Lee

In its remaining advisory in regards to the storm, Environment Canada supplied a abstract of the storm’s path. Here’s the timeline:

6 September: a tropical cyclone shaped

7 September: the storm intensified right into a hurricane

10-11 September: Lee handed north of the Caribbean sea

12-13 September: the storm started shifting in direction of the Gulf Stream and Atlantic Canada

14 September: the storm handed simply west of Bermuda

15 September: Hurricane Lee was downgraded

16 September: Post-tropical storm Lee made landfall in Nova Scotia

Kelly Rissman18 September 2023 05:00


Both the US and Canadian hurricane facilities issued their remaining advisories for Lee

The National Hurricane heart issued its remaining advisory this morning at 11am, whereas Environment Canada issued its remaining advisory at 4pm.

Environment Canada’s remaining assertion on Lee

(Environment Canada)

Kelly Rissman18 September 2023 04:30


Canada’s hurricane heart forecasted Lee’s path

Environment Canada Hurricane Center tracks Lee’s path

(Environment Canada Hurricane Center)

Kelly Rissman18 September 2023 03:30


“What a difference a day makes”

Many have taken to social media to spotlight the distinction from earlier than and after the storm.

Kelly Rissman18 September 2023 02:30


Maine is “back to life” after the storm

Kelly Rissman18 September 2023 01:30