The Plaza de Las Ventas exceeds the figure of 17,000 subscribers for Autumn; Pacma makes a fool of himself | EUROtoday

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Saturday September 30. 6:00 p.m.Bulls from Puerto de San Lorenzo and La Ventana del Puerto for Uceda Leal, El Juli and Toms Rufo.

Sunday October 1st. 6:00 p.m. Guadaira calves for Burdiel, Alejandro Pearanda and Ismael Martin (Presentation)

Thursday, October 5. 6:00 p.m. Fuente Ymbro steers for Jorge Molina, García Pulido and Cristiano Torres (presentation).

Friday, October 6. 6:00 p.m. Toros de Victoriano del Ro – Toros de Corts for Sebastin Castella, Paco Urea and Gins Marn.

Saturday October seventh. 6:00 p.m. El Pilar bulls for Daniel Luque, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado.

Sunday October eighth. 6:00 p.m.Victorino Martín bulls for Romn, Borja Jimnez and Leo Valadez.

Wednesday, October 11. 6:00 p.m.Bullfighting with out picadors. Grand finale of the ‘Road to Las Ventas’

Thursday, October 12. 6:00 p.m.Bulls from Nez del Cuvillo for Morante de la Puebla, Alejandro Talavante and Isaac Fonseca.