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There are two several types of pain throughout penetration, that which happens on the entrance of the vagina and that which impacts the underside of the vagina. The first is extra associated to lubrication and the second is extra associated to a illness referred to as endometriosis.

In his e mail he tells us that he’s 75 years outdated, so it’s more than likely an entry dyspareunia. That is the medical time period for pain throughout sexual activity, on account of lowered lubrication and tissue atrophy after menopause. In the identical method that with age the pores and skin dries and wrinkles; That is, it atrophies, and the identical factor occurs within the pores and skin of the vagina: this makes it extra fragile. There are instances when this causes some ladies to identify after intercourse. It’s as in case you give fixed friction to the pores and skin of your hand: in the long run it turns purple, irritated, annoying. Well that is comparable. And all of it has to do with tissue atrophy and vaginal dryness.

If this occurs often to a younger lady, the trigger could also be that she doesn’t lubricate correctly or that she has lacked foreplay to lubricate her sufficiently; If it’s new, the commonest factor is a fungal an infection. But in an older lady, the standard factor is that lubrication is decreased as a result of she lacks hormones after menopause and to that is added the genital atrophy typical of age, so the vaginal entrance orifice is narrower and the pores and skin is weaker. All of that is annoying and makes penetration tough.

The answer is to make use of gels and moisturizing lotions for the vagina. When the atrophy could be very marked, the lady might have some hormones, even when solely regionally utilized for a time. The common lubricants that many individuals use do not remedy it as a result of, if the atrophy could be very marked, they do not right it. That is why gels with some hormones and maybe, throughout intercourse, a lubricant are used.

When there’s deep dyspareunia, pain on the backside of the vagina, the very first thing to continuously rule out is endometriosis. Although it may also be on account of different ailments, for instance, you’ll be able to have a fibroid within the uterus and what occurs is that the penetration collides with the fibroid, or an ovarian cyst of one other kind, or an irritation within the tubes. Although essentially the most attribute factor is that it is because of endometriosis.

This illness happens when the mucus of the uterus, the endometrium, is positioned in locations that do not belong, most frequently on the ovaries. And what occurs then is that each time the lady to whom this occurs has her interval, the interval comes out, as is the traditional scenario, but additionally, because the endometrium has been positioned over the ovaries, the blood accumulates within the ovaries. And this kinds cysts, which we name chocolate cysts as a result of they’re brown on account of outdated (oxidized) blood. As a consequence, each time a girl has her interval she feels pain in her pelvis and, when there’s penetration, the penis collides with these cysts and causes plenty of pain. The common attribute in ladies with endometriosis is pain: pain with menstruation, pain with penetration and typically every day pain.

Endometriosis is a quite common illness; it’s estimated that round 10% of girls of childbearing age endure from it. But additionally on this case, the pain of penetration has an answer: we should go to the trigger and deal with the pathology that’s inflicting that pain.

In any case, the final advice is that any lady who feels pain with penetration go to her medical skilled to have her examined and discover the trigger and deal with it.

Maribel Acien is Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology, at present Associate Academic in Reproductive Health at University College London and Honorary Consultant in Gynecology at UCL Hospitals due to a Next Generation EU-UMH scholarship.

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