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Woody Allen twice in Barcelona: the filmmaker has introduced his new movie in town, Stroke of luckattending the preview on the Aribau cinema on Sunday, and immediately he gives the primary of two live shows together with his band (the second tomorrow, Tuesday) to kick off the fifty fifth Voll Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival on the Teatre Tívoli. Stroke of luck is a movie about likelihood in life, half romantic comedy, half black comedy and thriller, and centered on an infidelity, that of the protagonist Fanny, married to Jean, a wealthy man of murky fortune, who finds herself likelihood on the road to a former highschool classmate, Alain. His bohemian existence captivates her they usually start a relationship that unleashes an unexpected sequence of conditions till an finish worthy of the ball that walks over the sting of the online in Match levela movie with which it is associated Stroke of luck. “Infidelity is only good in fiction, not in real life: it always causes a lot of problems,” the filmmaker responds when requested about that theme of the movie. “In literature, in theater and in cinema, infidelity is one of the great themes, one of the most exciting and interesting, but in reality it is always horrible and causes pain.”

The filmmaker, who has left the door open to shoot one other movie, which might be his 51st, acquired the press this morning on the Me lodge the place he is staying proper in entrance of the Tivoli. He has been pleasant and communicative, and delighted to return to Barcelona, ​​a metropolis for which he feels particular affection (“one of the best cities in the world”, to which he’ll return “whenever they love me”). Although earlier than beginning the interviews he was warned that he wouldn’t reply questions on his private life or Me Too. Dressed in high-waisted pants and a shirt, clearly older than his 87 years however with the identical expression of perplexity that gave him a lot play in his performing roles, whether or not it was the confused sperm of Everything you ever wished to learn about intercourse or the dostoyesvskian Russian clumsy from The Last Night of Boris Grushenko, Woody Allen has spent all the time together with his well-known beanie in his hand, squeezing it with these fingers that may have appreciated to be the reincarnation of Warren Beatty’s fingertips.

The director has mentioned that it was not tough for him to movie Stroke of luckinitially Stroke of luck, in one other language (French). “It’s not difficult, it seems that way, but it’s not at all. Furthermore, the actors spoke English and I could use it with them. It’s always the same, you show up in the morning, the actors have read the script, they know what they have to do, if they do something wrong I tell them. You can tell when an actor is acting well. Even in a Japanese movie. You can always tell that emotions are false if they are not doing it right. He has been no different than working on an American film.”

Allen doesn’t agree that Europe has turn out to be a refuge for his cinema. “It’s not like that, I choose to do it in one place or another and my films are projected all over the world. For me, one place or another is the same.”

Woody Allen has defined how he turned a movie director: “It was by accident, just because he was a screenwriter and when you give your script to someone else to shoot it, it always seems to you that they haven’t done a good job, so you want to do it yourself. . Many years ago I wrote the script for Pussycat [1965] and they made a terrible, although very popular, movie with it. “I have never written a script again unless I was the director.”

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He has mentioned that as in the arguments of Stroke of luck o Match level, considers that luck has all the time been crucial in his profession. “A lot of what I have done is due to being lucky, being in the right place at the right time. Many things have happened to me luckily. It is also true that I have tried a lot. But you need to be lucky. As an athlete, training helps, but if you are unlucky… In life there are many things out of control. “I’ve had a lot of good luck.”

In his newest movie, the protagonist’s husband is obsessive about electrical trains and has a big mannequin of the traditional Märklin trains. They curiosity him? “No, I have never been interested, my father bought me an electric train, but I never saw the point of that, which went around and around.” Instead, she acknowledges her fascination with wealthy folks, which abounds in her movies, as in Stroke of luck. “I don’t know why I’m interested. The poor are just as interesting. In my family we were poor although not very poor, my father did small jobs, taxi driver, waiter. On the other hand, at school the people I met were upper class. But I discovered that they could be just as unhappy and dissatisfied. Being rich does not guarantee you happiness. The rich can suffer just the same.”

Allen has identified how lucky he has been to have good cinematographers, most not too long ago Vittorio Storaro. “My cinema has been blessed by them, I give them a lot of freedom to create like the actors and it makes a great contribution to the film. I like that the people who work with me feel very free. That’s my method. Let people do their jobs well.” The filmmaker has highlighted that his movies “look good.”

When requested if he would remove something from his movies, he replied: “Let’s see, the problem is that I am always dissatisfied, I never watch them again and if by chance they show one on television when I am exercising, I turn it off. I think everything could have been done better. Among the few that I like are Match point, Vicky Cristina BarcelonaMidnight in Paris, The Purple Rose of Cairo… I have done 50 and maybe I like 10, the other 40, I don’t.”

Will there be 51? “It’s possible. The truth is that making a film that lasts two weeks in theaters and then goes to the platforms doesn’t seem so charismatic or exciting to me, but if they tell me ‘here’s the money’, I always have ideas. I don’t like looking for financing, it’s the worst part, but if they make it easier for me…”

That soft varnish that your films have lately, that lightness despite the fact that dramatic things can happen, even murders, is it a thing of age, of having lived and relativizing? Woody Allen looks at his interlocutor and answers with the apparent dispassion of Nat Ackerman of How to end culture once and for all challenging Death to play gin rummy. “It’s accidental, I have many ideas, some of beautiful things, others terrible, I have been able to turn them into stories, into prose into books, into theater, into cinema. It’s a happy accident, something I know how to do and am good at. When I was young I made people laugh with my comical things. But it is not something premeditated, I am not responsible for doing it. It’s something I know how to do and that I’m lucky to be able to do. In other circumstances he would have been like my father, or a hotel bellboy. “I am not a lawyer or a businessman, so being here has been a matter of luck.”

Woody Allen says he feels more responsibility now than earlier in his career. “Yes, much more, I feel that I owe something to my audience, at least the effort to do something different and better, not to continually repeat myself, and not to disappoint.” However, he has said not to fear failure. “You have to accept that sometimes you are going to fail, no one is good enough to be on top all the time. But failing is not so terrible, no one is going to come and shoot you for doing it. You recover and try again.”

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