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Disguised Nazi symbolism
The codes of the new right

Watch the video: Disguised Nazi symbolism – the codes of the new right.

Just a number of years in the past, self-confessed neo-Nazis had been simple to acknowledge: bald heads, fight boots, and clothes typical of the scene. But new right-wing traits additionally include a perfidious sport of confusion.

The new right seems assured. But it’s not at all times instantly clear: who is definitely right-wing? The use of is clearly regulated Nazi symbolism and Runes. For instance, the following badges are punishable or conditionally punishable.

  • NS-Reichskriegsflagge
  • Nazi swastika
  • Triskele (signal of the twenty seventh SS Division Langemarck, in addition to the “Blood & Honor” community, which has been banned in Germany since 2000)
  • SA civilian badge (utilized by the Nazi Sturmabteilung)
  • NS-Gaudreieck (additionally Gauwinkel, indicated the regional district of the NSDAP/Hitler Youth)
  • Dopel-Sig-Rune (additionally double lightning)
  • SS Totenkopf
  • Celtic cross (typically used as an emblem of the “supremacy of the white race”)
  • National checklist (badge of a subgroup of the banned Freedom German Workers’ Party “FAP”)
  • VSBD/PdA image (image of the “People’s Socialist Movement of Germany/Labor Party”, banned in 1986)
  • Wolfsangel (image of the “Young Front” group banned in 1982)
  • Odal rune (amongst different issues image of the SS division “Prinz Eugen”)
  • Tyr rune (additionally Tiwaz rune, amongst different issues, the image of an SS volunteer division)

But rights do not at all times act so boldly. Often will Codes and Figure used. The 18 stands for the first and eighth letters in the alphabet – AH for Adolf Hitler. According to the process, the 74 stands for GD (Greater Germany), the 88 for “Heil Hitler”. 28 (BH) is for the right-wing extremist music community “Blood & Honour” is used. The German offshoot has been banned since 2000 – the code just isn’t. The following ones are much less identified and used Codes*:

  • 444 = DDD (Germany to the Germans)
  • GNLS = Good Night Left Side
  • 1919 = SS (NS Schutzstaffel)
  • 84 = HD (Heil Germany)
  • 19/8 = SH (Sieg Heil)
  • WP/WAP = White (Aryan) Power
  • H8 = “Hate” (reference to right-wing “Hatecore” music scene)
  • 168:1 = Reference to anti-Semitic bomb assault in Oklahoma (168 lifeless)
  • 14 = “14 Words” (racist slogan of the US right-wing extremist David Lane)
  • 13/47 = “with German greeting”

Yellow lambda on a black background: In a hip guise comes the “Identitarian movement” Therefore. The xenophobic group is noticed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and provokes riotous actions. Individual members are nicely linked with the right-wing scene – particularly in East Germany.

Flash mob-like torchlight parades, initiated amongst others by a now banned neo-Nazi group from Brandenburg (“Southern Brandenburg Resistance Movement”), are reminiscent of National Socialist types.

Confusion: The “Autonomous nationalists” typically use a modification of the Antifa emblem (left). Elements of popular culture (“I love NS”, “I love HTLR”) have additionally not too long ago been misused (“HKNKRZ” – initially an iconic shirt from the hip-hip band Run- DMC).

Right-wing populists and right-wing extremists are additionally more and more utilizing hate teams on Facebook (the now deleted web page “Anonymous. Collective“Consciously acted with the identify of the hacker activists from Anonymous) or disguised their issues with campaigns on socially explosive matters. That’s the motion”Death penalty for child molesters“To be attributed to the right-wing extremist milieu.


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