The National Rally announces that it has repaid its entire Russian loan | EUROtoday

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Speech by Jordan Bardella at the 2023 Estivales of the National Rally, in Beaucaire on September 16, 2023.

The National Rally (RN) introduced, Tuesday September 19, the reimbursement “ early » of its loan to the Russian company Aviazapchast. The press release was published a few hours after Le Figaro revealed the information. “It’s a relief given the political argument that this simple loan had become,” declared the treasurer of the RN, Kévin Pfeffer, to the day by day newspaper.

“Despite a final deadline scheduled for December 20, 2028, it is with an anticipation of 60 months that the National Rally honored the repayment of the balance of its loan for an amount of 6,088,784.00 euros – capital and interest included », further attests the far-right party in its press release.

The contract ” was transmitted in 2016, by Russian justice, in a manner completely independent of our will, to the company Aviazapchast SA, a company with which the RN has honored its quarterly deadlines since September 2019 », Deplores the party.

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This early repayment was made possible by the policy of savings, restructuring of its services, renegotiation of its contracts carried out for several years by the RN “, still believes the National Rally.

In 2014, the RN took out a loan from a Russian bank, the First Czech Russian Bank, to finance its campaign for the 2015 regional and departmental elections. A loan of 9.4 million euros that the party had to repay until 2028 from the creditors of the bank, which has since gone bankrupt.

Jordan Bardella’s party assured, in its press release, that “this loan had been taken out to finance his political activities and to ensure his participation in the elections” as a result of all of the French banks had at that time refused to grant him a loan.

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