Children’s TV star Ms Rachel admits to putting son to bed in school uniform | UK | News | EUROtoday

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A beloved kids’s TV star left dad and mom scratching their heads along with her newest piece of recommendation.

US-based social media persona Ms Rachel, created a kids’s music collection targeted on language growth for toddlers and infants.

Appearing in her distinctive dungarees in a TikTok publish, she admitted to dressing her five-year-old son in his school uniform at bedtime.

She stated the parenting hack makes the morning routine far simpler the subsequent day – as he’s already dressed for the event.

Ms Rachel stated: “We put on a nice new shirt, sweatpants, super comfy, great for jammies.

“And then when he wakes up, we just throw on sneakers.”

She did say that “someday” she’ll “teach him to wake up for school and get dressed”.

But whereas it “will be a very good thing to teach”, she stated, the YouTube star stated she “can’t do that right now.”

Encouraging others to go simpler on themselves when it got here to being the perfect dad and mom, she stated: “And that’s okay, I’m doing my best and so are you. And I love you.”

Many responded nicely to the message – with one even saying they “cried”.

One wrote: “Ms Rachel being so relatable is extremely healing”, whereas one other added: “I really just cried.”

“I think I really needed ms Rachel to say it’s okay to not be a perfect parent and I didn’t know I needed that,” they continued.”

Another said they “love” the star and thank her “for always making us feel like we’re good parents when we’re struggling.”

One parent has already been putting the hack into practice for her autistic daughter, saying it “saves SO much time and energy.”

However, not everyone was such a fan of the parenting hack.

One said it was “something that feels illegal but isn’t”.

Another said: “I can’t even think about this I’ll be sincere.

“In the UK we’re so ingrained in nightwear then day wear. I think cause of the weather.”

While a 3rd commenter stated dad and mom “should always teach your kids beforehand, get them up a little bit earlier,” whereas one other merely stated: “Nononono.”