For Sacha Houlié, the vote of Macronist deputies for RN vice-presidents was an “error” | EUROtoday

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The Macronist deputy and president of the law committee Sacha Houlié, July 6, 2022, at the National Assembly.

“From now on they have the functions, they are representative and it is difficult to exclude them without victimization on their part. This is a big difficulty for us. » The vote of majority deputies which allowed the RN to access two positions of vice-presidents of the Assembly at the start of the legislature, was a ” error “regretted Saturday, September 23, the Macronist deputy and president of the law commission Sacha Houlié.

“There is a whole strategy of legitimizing the National Rally, for which we could have made mistakes” And “clearly”THE “vote for RN deputies for vice-presidents” was one of them, declared Mr. Houlié (Renaissance) on France Culture.

If the parliamentarian, a determine on the left wing of the presidential celebration, understands “the idea that everyone (has) the right to their fair representation according to the ballot box”he’ll abstain for his half “to vote for RN elected officials”if the query had been to be requested once more, because it did at the begin of the mandate.

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The workplace of the Assembly, which brings collectively vice-presidents, quaestors and secretaries, have to be renewed on October 2. A gathering of group leaders is to be held on Tuesday round the President of the Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet, to see if an settlement is rising in favor of a renewal of the Bureau in its present composition with out a vote.

If environmentalists referred to as on the majority to take away the two RN vice-presidents from the Office, Ms. Braun-Pivet clearly spoke out for the established order, throughout the Renaissance parliamentary days final week.

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