Thousands of Britons demonstrate in London against Brexit: “We will return to the European Union!” | EUROtoday

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58% of Britons are presently in favor of re-entry into the neighborhood membership

The anti-Brexit brand is s
Anti-Brexit march, this Saturday, in London.C. FRESNEDA
  • UE The Tories accuse the Labor chief of wanting to revoke Brexit
  • Probe 58% of British individuals help membership in the EU seven years after the victory of Brexit

Under the slogans of “We will be back” y “Give us back our star!”hundreds of Britons crossed central London this Saturday with EU flags in the so-called Rejoin Marchwhich began timidly in Hyde Park and ended up changing into one of the largest anti-Brexit demonstrations of the final three years, with a sea of ​​blue flags alongside Piccadilly.

The march was, nonetheless, marked by absence of political leadersin the midst of the debate provoked by the Labor Party Keir Starmer, which has promised to “rewrite” the Brexit settlement if it reaches Downing Street however has expressly renounced returning to the European Union. 58% of British individuals are presently in favor of re-entry in contrast to 32% who’re in favor of remaining exterior the EU, in accordance to the common of the polls extracted by the portal What UK thinks.

The activist Gina Miller (who as soon as took Brexit to courtroom) and the MEP and former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt have been the most recognizable faces subsequent to the banner that opened the march in London. Next to them was Steve Braywho has been tirelessly demonstrating in entrance of Parliament for 5 years regardless of harassment from the police.

“No one wants to recognize the disaster that has been Brexit, neither the Government nor the Labor opposition,” denounced Bray. “Much of the country remains in a state of denial and does not want to accept the truth. They keep making fun of us, they call us remoaners (those who keep complaining). But it is very important to keep the message and hope alive.”

The model of Yellow Submarine from The Beatles (We all dwell in a Brexit Tragedy) put the musical background in movement, in competitors with the Hey Jude/Hey EU and with Beethoven’s ode to pleasure.

Leading the method was additionally Charlotte Morrow60 years previous, English with Canadian and Ukrainian blood, pushing the cart containing her Irish canine (Pipin) and her French canine (Pebbles) with all the European paraphernalia… “This has always been an open and tolerant country, and It has to be again. It is very important to defend those values ​​and remind the world that those who voted in favor of Brexit are and continue to be a minority“.

With his daughter Isabela on his shoulders, the British Tim Robinson (40 years previous) grimaced once we requested him if returning to the EU is a sensible proposal right this moment… “I believe that the return will be slow but firm, if there is a change of Government. I I think we will return little by little, and that my daughter can one day participate in the Erasmus program. But Starmer can and has to be braver, although I understand her caution.”

Greg Melville23 years previous, college scholar and activist of the Green Party, sees issues in a unique coloration… “I can’t wait. I want to have the same right that my older brothers had to study and work in Europe. “We are drained of the hypocrisy of our flesh pressers and that nobody dares to say ‘Brexit was a mistake.'”

In the Rejoin March There was also representation of Bremain in Spain, headed by Sue Wilsonwho has not missed a single pro-European march since the referendum campaign. Clarissa Killwickfrom the Brexpats group, denounced for its part “the loss of rights that has affected the each day life” of British people living in EU countries.

The demonstration broke out in the early afternoon in front of the British Parliament and deserved more coverage in the international media than in the local ones. Conservative newspapers, such as The Daily Expressdescribed the protesters as “determined Rejoiners” (desperate supporters of the meeting with the EU) while the GBNews channel predicted a “peak failure” and minimized the quantity of attendees.