Feijo points directly against Sánchez and the amnesty: “I will not do it because I have principles, limits and a word” | EUROtoday

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It proposes incorporating a crime of constitutional disloyalty into the Penal Code and as soon as once more elevating the punishment for embezzlement.

Alberto N
Alberto Nez Feijo, from the audio system’ gallery throughout the investiture plenary session.Sergio PrezEFE
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  • Ms madera Feijo includes the whole PP in his investiture speech: “It has to be a before and after for Sánchez”

Alberto Nez Feijo has opened his speech as a candidate for the Presidency of the Government capturing directly against the amnesty and a self-determination referendum as the independentistas demand to present their help to Pedro Sánchez and he appears keen to just accept. “That would be enough” to acquire the investiture, the candidate harassed, “but I will not do it because I have principles, limits and a word.”

With this blunt assertion, the chief of the PP has made it clear that his venture does not embody any of those two calls for, that are “neither legally nor ethically acceptable” because “outside the Constitution There is no democracy.”

“I will not renounce the equality of the Spanish people nor go through any hoops to be president of the Government,” he assured, earlier than including that with these ideas, “the PP won the elections.” “In the municipal, in the regional and in the general of the 23-J“. In the latter with 137 seats, “more than Pedro Sánchez has ever achieved in all the elections he has run for.”

Feijo has responded to the criticism of the PSOE for having accepted the King’s proposal to be the first candidate for the investiture. “Why don’t you want us to be here?” He snapped at them. And he himself has answered: “Because this session portrays all of us. Those who present themselves as a free candidate and those who have not been and will not be one and those who put the general interest before their personal ambition and those who did not do so nor will they.” har. In brief, it portrays me and it portrays you, Mr. Sánchez.”

From there Feijo has assured that his alternative is designed to recover “harmony” and to promote “the broad consensus that Spain wants.” The candidate has assured that he “claims the Transition, its reminiscence and its validity”, that he intends to “deepen what’s frequent to us” and “not dig into frenzy.”

“Puigdemont needs a president who’s an ally in his efforts and he does not care whether or not he’s from the PP or from the PSOE,” therefore, he has stressed the difference only lies “in the integrity of 1 or the different, mine or yours, Mr. Sánchez.” And he has stated: “I have the votes inside my attain to be President of the Government however honesty and duty forestall me from doing so.”

In this sense, he has thanked the socialist deputies for seeing him “incapable” of what Sánchez is going to agree on and has assumed that what he defends would be the same thing that former president Surez, former president Gonzlez defended from this rostrum. and former president Aznar, as well as all the general secretaries of the PSOE who preceded Sánchez.

According to Feijo, the amnesty is an “aberration” that breaks equality among Spaniards, the separation of powers, weakens the work of the State security forces, questions the Cortes that adopted Article 155 and the King’s intervention on December 3. October 2017″.

Alberto N
Alberto Nez Feijo greets upon arriving, collectively together with his parliamentary group, at the Congress of Deputies.Fernando VillarEFE

That is why he has proposed incorporating into the laws a crime of constitutional disloyalty and as soon as once more rising the penalties for embezzlement of public funds. The standard chief recalled that the Spaniards did not go to the polls with the proposal to comply with an amnesty nor did they offer the independence and nationalist formations clear help since they solely obtained 5.5% of the votes between them.

“Annulling Justice based on who commits a crime does not bring together a majority of Spaniards and not even Catalans,” he dominated. “There are more of us who are committed to democracy and the rule of law,” he mentioned, asking the deputies to “take as an example what is happening outside the Chamber.”

Feijo has proposed placing into observe a coverage of nice pacts and forming a authorities alone “but that will not work alone.” “I do not intend to replace one sectarianism with another. I believe in freedom,” he harassed. The standard candidate has declared himself “fed up with the labels of good or bad Spaniard” and with “moral lessons.”

He then devoted himself to dismantling the “equality” that the Sánchez Government claims to defend and that, in his opinion, does not exist proper now neither in schooling, nor in well being, nor in public providers, nor between generations, nor between males and girls or in linguistic issues.

The six State pacts that Feijo proposes are for the financial system, for households, for the welfare state, for water and a territorial pact.