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The musician from Madrid provides a twist to the determine of Casanova in his newest work. “Getting on Spotify’s hit list has a lot of influence and it’s a kid choosing what to put your song on,” he says.

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“They have given me a lot of trouble for singing, for my lyrics or for being soft. Now the values ​​have changed and that’s cool. So, now I’m cool or what?” he displays. Recycled J.

The man from Madrid arrives on the interview wearing black from head to toe. He is the primary particular person in years to ask what colour the background of the recording studio is earlier than coming. He breaks his monochrome look with a Dior bag crossed over his chest. The mannequin is much like the one worn by soccer participant Borja Iglesias at a good friend’s wedding ceremony and for which a lot commotion was generated. Recycled himself – his actual title is Jorge Escorial – acknowledges that for himself it might have been one thing unthinkable a few years in the past. Those, wherein he sang, modifying his voice to make it deeper and sound “like a male.”

Raised in Carabanchel and being one of essentially the most acknowledged rap artists underground from the capital a decade in the past, age, influences and work have helped him get rid of all that “what should be” to forge his personal persona. And it leaves no room for improvisation.

The lyrics, the sounds, the movies, the promotion and even your individual physique are half of a complete in your mission. “I also include myself, my person. And, if art has to provoke things in people, I have to do it too. It is not the same that I come here lying in a tracksuit than, for example, I do it with a suit and super elegant,” he factors out.

Just revealed Casanovahis third studio album and of which this October he’ll launch an version deluxe with 4 collaborations. The first of them, with Villano Antillano, can now be heard.

What picture did you have got of a casanova and the way has it modified because you began engaged on the album?
It has the picture with which now we have grown up. That gal from nearly 300 years in the past with values ​​which are not cool. I needed to offer it a spin and look for that half of the heartthrob male that’s delicate and empathizes. On this journey I additionally began to look inside myself and look for these issues that maybe I have not carried out effectively. Those fears or jealousy that come from one’s personal insecurity. I believe I’ve opened the time period broadly, treating it as ‘the one that loves and has ardour’ and everybody can interpret it in their very own method, whether or not they’re a boy, a woman or a woman.
Have you needed to deconstruct your self a lot?
Very a lot! Of course, and what I’ve left! These are issues which are discovered over time and that I want have been discovered sooner. It appears silly to me that a particular person justifies that one thing is true by saying ‘my father was like that’. I believe that in my songs I’ve by no means had a dangerous message, however you do see that you’ve been raised to be a man with concepts like ‘males do not cry’ or the division of blue and pink for girls and boys. Those silly issues that make it simple to categorize society. But hey, the drawers change and the cupboards develop into designer.
Who was going to inform the Jorge of 15 years in the past that he would include a bag to the interview.
Completely. Without going any additional, I keep in mind that, as a baby, after we went to a restaurant and my mom left me her bag to go to the lavatory, it was like she gave me pleasure. A ‘males do not put on this’ thought.
You have been referred to many instances as “the rap romantic” in a considerably derogatory method.
Yes, 100%. I’ve already stated it as soon as. I’ve songs wherein I sing deep and tough as a result of that was what was cool and I needed to sound robust and like a macho. They are boundaries that we put up for ourselves. Look Sen Senra, there was no child in Spain who sang in falsetto and now it’s his hallmark. When I’ve made choices in my profession that maybe weren’t anticipated, they might have been disruptive however in the long term it has been a good factor. My viewers already is aware of that I’m like that however with different jobs they’ve given me a lot of love for singing, for autotune, for lyrics or for being a softie. Now the values ​​have modified and that is cool. So now it is cool? It’s silly. You simply should look inside your self.
Have you not slacked off within the face of criticism? Have you by no means had doubts?
Yes, with out a doubt. I believe there are moments wherein it has been completely justified to criticize me as a result of I’ve carried out issues that would have misled the general public. But there have been different moments which have damage me as a result of I did not perceive why individuals did not perceive me. It will not damage both, however it’s going to make me dissatisfied.

Are musicians conditioned by platforms and algorithms?
Yes, we’re completely conditioned. But as a result of of what the algorithm provokes in us. That is to say: if I alter my music in order that it reaches extra individuals, it’s so that, whereas remaining pure, I can refine it. I believe it is one thing totally different than saying “now that everyone is listening to me I’m going to give them what they want.” Of course, now we have to bear in mind of the instruments now we have with a view to take benefit of them. It does not matter to me to publish issues after which have a child from Zaragoza inform me that my Instagram posts do not seem.
And how a lot does coming into the Spotify ‘hits Spain’ record affect?
Very a lot. Especially now that YouTube might not have as a lot relevance and platforms like Spotify and Amazon are stronger. When my songs have entered these charts they’ve labored extra and I’ve been grateful, however in the long run it’s a boy or a woman doing this with a tune and placing it on the playlist. What am I going to let you know… They are like an oligopoly. Now, it is like all the pieces, the songs should be good to get in.
Do you additionally discover the impression when a reacting YouTuber provides his opinion on a tune of yours?
I do know I believe there’s an impression, however not on the artist’s profession. I believe that, as a software, it’s implausible as a result of it manages to amplify this and make city music develop extra and attain extra individuals. But I believe there’s a bit of an explosive-dynamite issue if instantly somebody comes throughout you and says: “this isn’t cool.” Who are you to determine that? There could also be a small half of work intrusion when one takes pretty much as good the decision of a one that maybe will not be certified and has no fucking thought however merely finds one thing “cool” and “hard.” You should watch out with that educational freedom of “this is” or “this is not.”
Are you obsessive about lasting?
Artistically talking, sure. Musically, no. I believe that musically talking it’s me telling my life and I’m exposing these songs over time. But artistically I take into account that I do one thing else. I’ve many considerations. I like trend, I like artwork, I like portray… I’m my greatest investor, in time and financially, and I wager all the pieces on that. But not for music alone, despite the fact that it’s my root and what I can not neglect. It is evident that with out that there’s nothing, however I do not wish to be singing Bambino with 40 years I desire that that tune provokes issues in Spanish music and that I can proceed my path.
We did an interview 4 years in the past and you then stated that you simply could not get pleasure from success as a result of your head was all the time working. Have you discovered to pause?
Yes, however my method of having fun with success will not be when an album comes out at midnight. I get pleasure from it extra when I’m excited about what the tour goes to be like, after we give you an thought for the promo they usually inform me that it is possible to get it, or when I’m with a good friend that I’ve had since I used to be 4 years outdated producing the album visualizers and all the pieces goes on YouTube. . I get pleasure from all the pieces that’s behind it. So you perceive: it is like you have got an iceberg and also you say ‘wow, how cool the tip is.’ Well, I believe: ‘wow, how cool all the pieces beneath is’, as a result of, with out that, what you have got would not look so excellent.