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LThe French are usually not as we think about them. Thus, one of many biggest modern illusions consists of opposing, on the one hand, “climate generation”seeking which means, proof against the patron society and the world of labor as we all know it, and on the opposite, egocentric boomers, climate skeptics, anxious to be in a position to proceed to eat, work and dwell as we speak like within the Nineteen Eighties.

This worldview in some ways might seem sensible. It might certainly appear guilt-inducing for these over 50, however imagining {that a} new era filled with vitality is able to come and clear up after their elders stays comfy. It’s a good way to delegate thought and motion.

But this evaluation is totally out of step with French society. And making a false prognosis doesn’t assist us discover the perfect treatments for our ills. The fight against climate change is that of an period, not of a era, and it can be lost for ideological causes. Let’s dig deeper into the query of beliefs. Are boomers extra climate skeptics than others? This is fake.

For 70%, climate change is a scientific truth

Today, climate skepticism “ideological” is moderately marginal in France. According to the examine “How do the French view the issue of climate change? » (Viavoice, September 2023), only 4% of French people say that there is no climate change. Digging deeper, however, gaps appear regarding the level of knowledge and they offer potential space for fanciful hypotheses.

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Thus, 16% of French folks consider that climate change is an unverified scientific speculation and 10% have no idea find out how to place themselves between the totally different solutions proposed. This ends in a complete of 70% of the inhabitants declaring that climate change is an incontestable scientific truth. As for the others, it will be a caricature to characterize these 30% as climate skeptics, however we are going to come again to that. At this stage, no hint of generational distinction inside these outcomes.

After beliefs comes the query of issues. Are generational variations seen at this degree? No. Thus, 80% of French folks say they’re all in favour of points associated to climate change and 79% are nervous about it, with no notable generational distinction.

False generational quarrels

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