Juliet Cowan breaks up the ‘boys club’ comedy scene after 23-year break from stand-up | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | EUROtoday

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Juliet Cowan is making her long-awaited return to the reside comedy scene, which has seen its justifiable share of change since her final stand-up gigs over 20 years in the past.

Express.co.uk grabbed an unique chat with Cowan, who’s now recognized for roles in Am I Being Unreasonable?, The Power, Brassic and plenty of extra, to speak about her upcoming present, F**okay Off And Leave Me Alone.

“I loved it, I absolutely loved it,” she recalled of her early profession. “I loved the camaraderie. I didn’t do loads of the travelling and stuff because I always had kids.

“I kind of tipped my toe, maybe my ankle in. But I couldn’t jump in because I just couldn’t, I couldn’t leave my kids for long enough. And it was always, for me, a bit of a stepping stone to becoming an actor.

“I’ve always seen myself as a rather sad, serious actress and stand-up just seemed a good way of kind of sneaking in.”

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The actress and comedian shall be performing in Manchester for the Women in Comedy Festival on Saturday, October 7, which Cowan describes as a protected discussion board for feminine comedians to check out their materials.

Although the UK’s comedy scene has made nice strides in inclusivity over the years, the majority of the nation’s hottest stand-ups are nonetheless males.

The comedy world has additionally been rocked lately with studies about Russell Brand, who has been accused of a number of sexual assaults and misconduct that happened throughout the peak of his profession.

“I’ve only just gone back in,” Cowan mentioned. “In my first iteration, I did sit around a lot of green rooms with boys going, ‘I f**king killed it’ and girls going, ‘Oh. Did you?’

“For me, it was more d**k on the table than d**k in your mouth.

“But, it’s hard to be audacious enough to consider yourself funny as a woman. It’s something that you have to just own. And sometimes you’re like, ‘How will people laugh at this?’

“Because I’m just doing my hour, I’m not on bills. Bills is where you really get the cut and thrust of what’s really going on in terms of sexual politics.

“It’s where men and women basically compete, where the struggle both political and sexual really occurs.

“So I haven’t seen any of that. But I think comedy, from what I can see, has changed a lot. It’s much more inclusive and a better place for women.”

Cowan’s present will discover private subjects resembling perimenopause and divorce and sees her turning into extra like her teenage self as “hormones play havoc”.

She teased plans to finally tour the present round the nation and has additionally been filming the sixth sequence of Manchester-based comedy Brassic.

Juliet Cowan is performing her debut comedy hour ‘F*ck Off and Leave Me Alone’ at Manchester’s Women in Comedy Festival on 7 October 2023. For tickets, go to https://womenincomedy.uk/