MPS, Cassation confirms acquittal for Mussari and Vigni | EUROtoday

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The costs have been dropped

The costs involved alleged irregularities within the Alexandria and Santorini, Chianti Classico and Fresh operations, carried out to cowl the losses attributable to the acquisition of Antonveneta. Charges dropped in the present day with the ruling of the supreme judges who confirmed the acquittal additionally for the businesses of the Deutsche Bank and Nomura group, accepting the request of the deputy legal professional common Francesca Loy. At first occasion Mussari was sentenced to 7 and a half years whereas Vigni was sentenced to 7 years and 3 months, a sentence later overturned on attraction.

«Justice has been completed however Mussari is now not what he was»

«After the top of the primary MPS trial on the impediment to the Bank of Italy for the alleged concealment of the Mandate Agreement of the Alexandria operation, which ended with the acquittal for the inexistence of the actual fact, the trial for the alleged falsities of the MPS finances and alleged market disturbances, which ought to by no means have begun, lastly ended, after a protracted, tormenting, agonizing procedural vicissitude, the place it deserved to finish: in nothingness. Justice has been completed however Mussari is now not what he was when this affair started, and nobody will give him something again.” Mussari’s lawyers say so Padovani, Pisillo and Marenghi.

The lawyer Giuseppe Iannacconewhich he defends the former Deutsche Bank managers, declared: «The country has taught us that justice always arrives, perhaps a little late, but always. That’s the beauty of our justice system.”

«We are glad with the Supreme Court’s choice. We have at all times firmly believed within the innocence of the individuals on the Bank concerned within the proceedings, in addition to of Deutsche Bank itself, with respect to the accusations made. We are happy that everybody has been totally acquitted and that the ruling of the Court of Cassation has put an finish to this lengthy continuing.” He writes it Deutsche Bank in a note.

Mussari, after 11 years and 5 months today it’s over

«11 years, 5 months and 2 days have passed since May 9, 2012, when it all began. Today it’s over: definitively acquitted because the facts don’t exist.” Thus in an announcement to ANSA Giuseppe Mussari, thanking his legal professionals. “I have chosen to defend myself only and only before my natural judge, today there is no reason to change my tune”, he mentioned once more.