“We woke to discover a rat in our canine mattress – we’re like prisoners in our own residence | UK | News | EUROtoday

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Wendy Culbert, 69, and Nicole Culbert, 38, say they really feel unsettled of their property in Leven, Fife.

They have had pest employees out twice – however are nonetheless discovering rats.

Nicole, an entomologist, mentioned: “It’s awful. We have to keep all the doors shut to try and stop them moving round the house.

“We’re like prisoners in our own residence.”

Nicole and Wendy, a retired admin worker, first noticed rat problems on October 8.

They decided to take action after coming downstairs one morning to find a rat in their 13-year-old whippet Millie’s bed.

She said: “The canine is stressed as a result of she will odor them – she simply desires a peaceable life.

“We are trying to keep them out of our house.”

Nicole and Wendy paid £84 for the primary pest management callout, however say the council is making an attempt to kind the issue now.

She mentioned: “I’m a scientist, I know what they sound like, the damage they do, how quickly they breed, and the diseases they carry.

“We’re discovering this all very unsettling.

“At first I kept trying to play this down and tell myself I was imagining it, but then I saw them.

“We shut the rat within the sitting room we have been so scared.

“It ate the carpet and pooed and weed everywhere before falling asleep in the dog bed.”

Graeme Anderson, technical officer at Fife Council, mentioned: “Fife Council’s pest control team has been dealing with a vermin issue at a residential property in Leven.

“We’ll proceed to offer help if wanted.”