‘Brexit convert’ Michel Barnier to be invited to hitch the ERG by Mark Francois | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Michel Barnier has shocked Brexiteers over his requires France to be protected against judgements by the EU’s European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg.

The former French Prime Minister’s obvious conversion to a number of the goals of Brexit has been hailed by politicians he annoyed for a number of years following the 2016 EU referendum when Britain voted to go away the EU.

As chief negotiator for the EU, Barnier made it as troublesome as potential for the UK to change into an impartial state and continually demanded that it continued to just accept judgements from the ECJ.

But now he seems to have change into infuriated with the intrusive court docket himself and believes, like Brexiteers, it’s holding France again.

The conversion to the trigger has been hailed by Mark Francois, chairman of the highly effective European Research Group (ERG) Brexiteer Conservative MPs.

Mr Francois is now set to counsel the ERG provides Barnier honorary membership when it meets this night.

He instructed Express.co.uk: “Well, who knew? It’s wonderful to see Michel Barnier, the EU’s former Chief Negotiator, now apparently calling for unilateral French protections from each the ECJ and ECHR!

“We have an ERG Plenary meeting tomorrow, at which I will now formally propose that we send him a membership form.”

While the suggestion may be tongue in cheek, Brexiteers have noticed that leading figures in the EU have been getting increasingly frustrated with Brussels overreaching its power.

Currently, Poland and Hungary are also having a dispute over attempts by the Commission and European Parliament to bully them to change domestic law and make it more woke.

Mr Barnier made his startling admission in an interview with the Financial Times.

He admitted that the direction of travel of the EU for the last 40 years needs to change to protect national laws from Brussels over reach.

He even sided with critics of the ECHR, which is not part of the EU, who believe it has become politicised and is interfering too much in national laws including the Rwanda deportation scheme.

Mr Barnier said: “For 30 or 40 years, there’s a sort of interpretation that’s all the time in favour of the migrants . . . We need to rewrite one thing within the [EU] treaties or within the [European Convention of Human Rights].

“We have to create a constitutional shield [allowing national law to take precedence]and to ask the French people to decide.

“The EU right this moment is now not the EU that the UK left. We have begun to attract the teachings of Brexit.”

However, the Frenchman has additionally mentioned the UK is welcome again within the EU and described Remainer Labour chief as “a great patriot”.