Noem Galera interrupts an OT 2023 class to scold Cris: “Millions don’t see us” | EUROtoday

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The canary complained concerning the dysfunction


The Catalan referred to as her consideration for not making the most of her time working with Pablo Lluch

Pablo Lluch, Noem Galera and Cris in OT 2023Amazon Prime Video

The dysfunction on the Academy Operation Triumph 2023 It is a matter that’s producing tensions among the many contestants. Cris exploded on Wednesday, November 29 and I begin to cry Seeing that a lot of his classmates don’t decide up their issues: “It makes me very angry.” Juanjo y Martin They tried to console him.

“I have been collecting everyone’s shit since day one. I am very frustrated. “I am unable to take it anymore,” she said through tears. “If this does not change, I need to go“, he came to say. The young man also confessed that he felt alone. Noem Galera appeared to try to help: “Maybe it’s best to all have a dialog.”

Shortly after, Cris y Juanjo They attended a class with Pablo Lluch to prepare your song of the week. However, the canary continued to complain about the issue of cleanliness and talked about the number of viewers who watch the program.

The director of the Academy interrupted her meeting with the teacher to scold him: “This couple of minutes is to work on the tune. That’s okay, tens of millions do not see us of individuals, Cris. Disengage, we’re not the middle of the world. With a little bit luck, just a few will see us, however not tens of millions of individuals will see us. “I don’t want you to repeat that again, because it’s not true.”

Crowd I advised him that he needed to make the most of the rehearsal time and never get right into a loop. “Not only are you not working on the song, but you’re taking it ahead of you,” she mentioned, pointing to his companion. “This time is for work the song both. We have already agreed that if you want to talk about this topic, do it later, when classes are over. “After dinner, you will have a gathering and also you share it,” he suggested.

The Catalan woman remembers him Cris that the next day the first bus pass of the week would arrive: “If it is not there, I’ll let you know ‘you misplaced class time speaking about cleansing and the way overwhelmed you might be.'” He ended up insisting: “Now it is time to work and put together the tune. But, you drag it to and it is not his fault. And tens of millions of individuals do not see us, honey. Get off, get off. A number of, okay? Come on, let’s work.”

The song of Cris and Juanjo

Cris y Juanjo they will interpret in the gala 2 of OT 2023 the song Leave The Door Openof Silk Sonic. After their first bus show on Thursday, November 30, the two contestants received positive reviews, although also some corrections.

It appears prefer it’s an enormous quantity“But we have to try to be in the song all the time,” he shared. Noem Galera. She identified that Juanjo He had made a mistake in a step of the choreography and had misplaced focus: “You didn’t go in halfway and then you came out again… Really, you move very well. Seriously, trust me. Don’t let it bother you.” Manu Chalk He assured that his efficiency on a vocal stage is “spectacular.”