BBC crowd silence as Andrew Neil slams Hamas’ ‘Nazi-type’ regime | UK | News | EUROtoday

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A BBC viewers has been criticised for its silence following a speech by Andrew Neil describing Hamas’ regime as “Nazi-type”.

Jake Wallis Simons, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, took to Twitter as we speak to slam the gang of Thursday evening’s episode of Question Time saying he felt they need to have applauded Neil’s speech.

In the speech, Neil spoke about two younger hostages with autism and cerebral palsy who had been killed by Hamas as they had been “too much trouble” earlier than asking the panel: “How can you deal or have a political solution with people like that?”

Following the speech, Wallis Simons took to Twitter, writing: “The most telling part of this truthful speech by Andrew Neil is the absence of rightful applause from the audience. Says much about Britain.”

During the episode, Neil admitted that “Israel is often its own worst enemy” however stated he felt it couldn’t have a “political solution” with Hamas.

He stated: “We learned today that the young autistic girl who was taken hostage was too much trouble for Hamas, the one that JK Rowling tried to intervene and ask for mercy for, because she loved Harry Potter, they killed her.

“We realized {that a} younger lady with cerebral palsy on a wheelchair was an excessive amount of bother as nicely, significantly down the tunnels. They killed her.