Police probe thriller sheep deaths as stays discovered strewn throughout backyard and layby | EUROtoday

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Police are asking farmers to be cautious after the stays of eight stolen sheep have been discovered strewn throughout a backyard and layby in rural Kent.

Kent Police obtained stories between 24 and 29 November that the stays of six sheep had been strewn throughout the backyard of an handle in Otford Lane, Halstead.

The hides and entrails of two extra sheep have been later found dumped in a layby in Ovenden Road, Sundridge.

The drive has now urged livestock homeowners to test on their flocks often and report any suspicious autos.

Just two months in the past, villagers have been left horrified by one other discovery of lifeless sheep on the identical highway in Halstead.

Clive Jones, who discovered the stays in October, advised Kent Online: “In the bag were the entrails, the stuff you don’t want, and you would think somebody has stolen a sheep, killed it and dumped it.

“The taking of individual sheep that are killed in such a way, seen as cheap meat for somebody, is horrible.

“Some of the local farmers know they have to be on their guard all the time.

“But regardless it is callous, it would have caused the sheep pain and suffering and somewhere out there a farmer is missing part of their livestock.”

PC Marc Pennicott, from Kent Police’s Rural Task Force, stated: “The theft of so many sheep and the way they were killed is abhorrent. Our dedicated Rural Task Force is working relentlessly to identify the suspect or suspects and take robust action against them.

“Kent is home to vast expanses of rural land and the force prioritises the protection of its rural communities and works closely with partner agencies to bring those who offend in the countryside to justice.”