Israel-Hamas struggle, newest information. UN: «Half of the inhabitants of Gaza is dying of starvation». Biden in opposition to Trump, “great threat to democracy” | EUROtoday

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Everyone in opposition to the United States after the veto of the UN draft calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. In the US, over 70 legislators are calling for the resignation of some campus presidents for Congress’s failure to sentence requires the genocide of Jews. Russian dissident Alexey Navalny has not been heard from for no less than three days and the authorities are usually not permitting his attorneys to go to him in jail. “If the world gets tired of helping us, we will die”: Ukrainian first girl Olena Zelenska mentioned this in an interview with the BBC, including: “It hurts to see that availability is weakening”

Israel, Halevi: “Terrorists surrender, we must increase the pressure”
  • Biden in opposition to Trump, “great threat to our democracy”

    “I want to be clear. Donald Trump poses many threats to the country, from the right to choose to civil rights, from the right to vote to America’s standing in the world. But the greatest threat Trump poses is to our democracy, because if we lose it, we lose everything.” US President Joe Biden expressed himself thus during an election event on Friday evening in California. “Remember January 6 – he continued according to statements released in the last few hours – Trump became the first defeated presidential candidate to refuse to accept the will of the people”. And after Trump mentioned that “as president I can’t be a dictator… besides on day one”, Biden did not fail to refer to those words. “Thank God, only one day,” he commented.

  • Israel, fighting continues in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza

    Fighting continued overnight in Khan Yunis in the south of the Strip. This was stated by the military spokesperson, according to whom the air force hit “infrastructures by which terrorists operated and in addition tunnel entrances”. Also during the night, air strikes, directed by ground forces, hit “a Hamas communications submit positioned close to a mosque in southern Gaza”. In Shujaia, in the center of the Strip, “Israeli troops carried out a focused raid on a Hamas army command middle and positioned quite a few weapons”. The media also reported fighting in Jabalya, in the north of the Strip. According to the military spokesperson, 250 Hamas targets were hit by the Israeli army yesterday.

  • UN, “half the inhabitants of Gaza is dying of starvation”

    Half of the population of Gaza is dying of hunger while the fighting between Hamas and Israel continues: this was stated by the deputy director of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), Carl Skau, as reported by the BBC. Only a fraction of the needed supplies have made it into the Strip and in some areas nine in 10 families are unable to eat every day, the official added, stressing that conditions in Gaza have made humanitarian aid deliveries “practically not possible.” .