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“You are a threat to democracy”: that is the accusation they hurled at one another Joe Biden e Donald Trump this weekend, whereas some polls sign the tycoon’s overtaking the president and a few media are circulating the primary totonomes of his second presidency, with characters that give some folks shivers.

At the chance of being crippled by the embarrassing trials of his son Hunter and by an impeachment inquiry that could possibly be voted on Tuesday within the House, the tenant of White House seeks to rework the elections right into a referendum not by itself outcomes, clouded by inflation and two ongoing wars, however on Trump, his judicial issues, the risk he represents to the establishments.

USA, Trump replies to Biden: “I am not a threat, I will save democracy”

And for now he sharpens the accusations in opposition to his possible rival away from the cameras, profiting from the alarm concerning the hazard of an authoritarian flip launched by the US media and likewise by a few of his Republican enemies, from Liz Cheney a Mitt Romney.

Biden’s accusations

«Trump represents many threats to this nation. From the best to decide on to civil rights, to the best to vote, to America’s place on this planet. But the largest risk of all is that Trump locations to our democracy. If we lose this, we lose all the things,” the president warned throughout a fundraiser in Hollywood, attended by stars equivalent to Steven Spielberg and Barbra Streisand.

According to Biden, the United States can not afford to threat having Trump in workplace on the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, in 2026.–video-americane-donne-che-hanno-fatto-storia-usa-AFkeTjzB