Milei takes a “secret” oath to his ministers and appoints his sister to a key authorities place | EUROtoday

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He surprises by swearing in his cupboard of ministers with out the presence of the press or tv broadcast, as has at all times been the case

Javier Milei greets from a ball
Javier Milei greets from a balcony of the Casa RosadaEMILIANO LASALVIAAFP

The new Argentine president, Javier Miley, has stunned by swearing in his cupboard of ministers with out the presence of the press or tv broadcast, as has at all times been the case. Among these appointed is his sister Karinawhich Milei calls “the boss”. Karina Milei shall be basic secretary of the presidency, a key place for any head of state. The proven fact that they’re brothers was an issue for Milei, who needed to repeal a decree by Mauricio Macri, president between 2015 and 2019, prohibiting the appointment of kinfolk to state positions.

When taking the oath to her sister, Milei made a mistake and mentioned “despaar” as a substitute of “perform.” Excited and on the verge of breaking down, she paused earlier than finishing the ritual formulation and warmly embracing her sister. For the primary time in 40 years of Argentine democracy, a public act of the relevance of the oath of a complete authorities was banned from journalism, which was not current within the White Room of the Casa Rosada, and from residents generally, who weren’t current. might see it on tv.

“The president said that the Argentina’s situation is critical and there is nothing to celebrate. The swearing-in is a private event so that the ministers can get to work,” a authorities supply advised “Clarn”. After the swearing-in of ministers, Milei participated in an interreligious ceremony within the metropolitan cathedral, one other novelty throughout the normal scheme of the swearing-in of presidents in Argentina. Among the officiating non secular was Rabbi Axel Wahnish, Milei’s religious advisor, who highlighted the Hanukkah Festival that’s going down lately.

“It is the festival of light, of justice, freedom, a flame of goodness that every Argentine has, to light it and illuminate everyone. Today, when victory does not depend on the number of soldiers, but on the forces of heaven, which “It is within the religion that every one has,” said Wahnish, whom the Argentine press coincidentally points out as the man designated by Milei as Argentina’s new ambassador to Israel.

“Clarón” also assured that Milei plans to move the Argentine embassy from its current headquarters in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, just as the American Donald Trump did during his mandate.

Milei’s first day as president closes this Sunday night at the Teatro Colón, one of the great temples of lyric worldwide, with a gala function which will be attended by more than 2,000 guests.