Sánchez is now making jokes together with his transfers to Puigdemont: “Survivors, do you do it in El Salvador? How do we have a mediator…” | EUROtoday

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Calls Feijo to “reflect” on his relationship with Vox after Abascal’s phrases, the place he stated that someday “the people will want to hang Sánchez by his feet”

Sánchez is now making jokes together with his transfers to Puigdemont: “Since we have a mediator…”EL MUNDO (Video) / SERGIO ENRIQUEZ-NISTAL | WORLD (Photo)

Dice Jorge Javier Vázquez that her relationship with Pedro Sánchez lasts as a result of it took them 10 years to satisfy personally. “Never has a man lasted me so long,” the presenter joked. Since that decision from the chief of the PSOE in 2014 to Salvametill every week in the past, after they met in The Moncloa to arrange the presentation of your guide Mainland. It stays to be seen how lengthy it should take for the Chief Executive to see the fugitive. Carles Puigdemont, now transformed right into a governance associate. It would not seem to be 10 years will go. For now, the socialists have given in, giving in to a mediator supervising the negotiations between the PSOE y collectively. A switch that was tough to digest – the PSOE refused to take action – however with which Sánchez is already making jokes.

The tv presenter and the journalist angeles knight They hosted Sánchez in an occasion that was attended by 14 ministers and socialist officers. midway between the seriousness that Sánchez needed to convey, with knocks on PP and Vox, and the anecdotes and backroom tales that the hosts pursued. Sánchez has tried to let himself go, convey empathy, partaking in jokes, jokes, between blows and blows. Alberto Nez Feijo y Santiago Abascal.

-If you needed to go to a tv program, I’ve little question that it might be Survivor, Jorge Javier Vázquez has said.

– But the place did you report that in Honduras? Do you do it in El Salvador? Since we have now a mediator…, Sánchez responded, laughing and with applause from the group.

The mediator is the Salvadoran diplomat Francisco Galindo Vlez, who’s the individual that PSOE and Junts have agreed to oversee their negotiations. The presence of a global mediator was a requirement of Puigdemont, in his intention to externalize the independence trigger. The socialists refused, even though in 2019 they already accepted the same determine.

But now they have been attempting to not come to that. They accepted however that they have been Spanish, in order that the secessionists wouldn’t win the combat, going as far as to suggest a shortlist of Spanish names amongst which was Miquel Roca. But Puigdemont’s crimson line received and the PSOE accepted. Now Sánchez even permits himself to be ironic concerning the matter.

Jorge Javier affirms that he was “embarrassed to say no” to Pedro SánchezTHE WORLD (Video)

Ask Feijo to “reflect” on Vox

Sánchez took benefit of the occasion to reply to the phrases of Santiago Abascal, who in statements to Clarn on the event of his presence on the inauguration of Javier Meli, He stated: “There will be a moment when the people will want to hang Pedro Sánchez by his feet.” For the President of the Government, these are phrases of “extraordinary gravity.” “These types of speeches and messages try to turn politics and our country into a place where everything is monopolized by hate speech and a country in conflict.”

The President of the Government contrasts this angle and these phrases of the Vox chief with the angle and what was carried out by the Spaniards within the current December macro-bridge. “It’s society’s response, people going out to shop, eating in restaurants, visiting other towns and cities.” Snchez he contrasts Abascal’s messages with the “pre-navid environment. Nothing is broken here. Nothing is sinking. There is not that polarization and hatred that Abascal tries to inoculate.”

Abascal’s misplaced phrases have been utilized by Sánchez to focus the give attention to Feijo and ask the chief of the PP to “reflect” on “the ally they have”, in reference to Vox. The President of the Government blames the Galician politician for “opening the doors” of the regional and native governments to the “party of hate.”