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Senat, Tuesday December 19. The day after a wild night, Bruno Retailleau brings his troops collectively for a gaggle assembly. With Gérard Larcher, he has simply seen the Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, and needs to acquire a “clear mandate” from the senators earlier than returning to the joint committee (CMP) at 10:30 a.m. According to a number of contributors, the Vendée senator is placing the emphasis on three factors: fewer regularizations, extra expulsions and a ready interval of 5 years for the fee of social help to foreigners in an irregular state of affairs who don’t work, and of three months for individuals who work. At Retailleau’s request, discussions on this very delicate level – the circumstances for fee of social advantages – is not going to resume earlier than his return to the CMP.

“If in the discussions, they do not keep their commitments, I want to be able to leave and not conclude the CMP”, he slips, earlier than instantly correcting himself: “I reassure you, I don’t wish to break up the CMP. I wish to impose a steadiness of energy to keep away from additional unraveling. We have gained quite a bit, on the offense of unlawful residence, on the AME [dans un courrier, Borne a promis un texte dédié début 2024, NDLR], on household reunification. If the fee is conclusive, will probably be a great victory for the Senate and for our group. » Like an air, already, of victory.

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Bruno Retailleau “at the front”

Gérard Larcher instantly speaks. “We don’t need another move from Trafalgar,” he insists, assuring that he has obtained “guarantees” from the chief on this level. And to salute the work of Retailleau, who “is at the front”, has an “absolutely perfect knowledge of the text” and “is very reassuring. » Loud applause in the room. The efforts made by Bruno Retailleau are unanimously praised.

The chosen one is even entitled to a concert of praise. “This immigration text is the best we have had in a very long time”; ” Well done ! You held on. We will be able to have a good holiday”; “When we don’t give in, when we stand on our foundations with frank and fair speech, we achieve success. This bodes well for good days ahead of us.” Retailleau’s face, marked by fatigue, breaks into a broad smile and the senator asks, almost embarrassed, “if anybody recorded” these praises.

READ ALSO Immigration bill: rumors, falsehoods and betrayal, behind the scenes of a crazy eveningFor weeks, and in particular since the adoption of the motion for prior rejection, Retailleau has been working hard to ensure that he returns, as much as possible, to the Senate version – “unraveled” in the Law Committee of the National Assembly. . Those close to him, mockingly, point out that he has lost weight, eaten away by these final negotiations. “He has his revenge,” grumbled a parliamentarian from the majority. While he was to leave for Israel on Wednesday with Larcher, the Vendéen even swore that he would not leave France until these “affairs” were “resolved”. “It’s his text!” It was he who was decisive,” notes someone close to Retailleau.

When negotiations resumed, around 10:40 a.m., in the sixth office of the west wing of the Palais-Bourbon, it was decided that the article on the payment of APLs would be discussed at the end of the discussions, while the terms were finalized. of the agreement. But, at the Renaissance group meeting, Élisabeth Borne announced that she had proposed a 3-month waiting period for working foreigners, thus taking up the position of the Republicans. While, the day before, the CMP had been suspended just a few minutes after the “kick-off”, we already seem close to an agreement.

“The Pasqua right is back”

Some Renaissance deputies took the floor to denounce a “headlong rush”. During the day, Borne made numerous phone calls, asking his ministers to call all the majority deputies so that they could vote on the text. For the first time, the majority is on the verge of explosion; as revealed by our colleagues from Figaro, ministers threatened at midday to resign if the text was adopted. ” How did we get right here ? It’s lamentable” breathes, round midday, a deputy from the left wing of Renaissance, who says he’s “disgusted” by the sequence.

“The right has smelled blood. They locked us in the arm and we swallowed all the snakes.”A MoDem deputy

“The right smelled the smell of blood,” bluntly sums up a MoDem elected official. They locked us within the arm and we swallowed all of the snakes.” Meanwhile, the LR executives blush with pleasure. On Tuesday, they made virtually each morning show and boasted, taunting, within the course of, the left wing of the bulk. “The Pasqua right is back,” trumpets the boss of the LR group, Olivier Marleix, throughout a press level, mocking the “swallowing difficulties of part of the majority. »

In the afternoon, majority deputies, such as MoDem Erwan Balanant, already announced that they would vote against the text. The deal is imminent. At 3:40 p.m., white smoke. “The joint committee is conclusive,” writes the president of the CMP, Sacha Houlié, on X (ex-Twitter). “This conclusive CMP is a success for the Senate: 90% of our text, the only one voted on by Parliament, was logically taken up,” writes Bruno Retailleau for his half. “The lax and contradictory text of the National Assembly was rejected. We imposed our text,” provides Olivier Marleix.

“The LRs find themselves at the center of the game. It is their text, at a time when there are only 60 of them in the Assembly. Éric Ciotti and Olivier Marleix are growing up,” laments a minister from the left wing. “They make us forget the pension disaster, appear united for once and have their text adopted by the government. We must admit that it is perfectly played,” provides a Renaissance deputy.

But it’s above all Marine Le Pen who may reap the fruits of this victory. The former boss of the flame social gathering instantly introduced that her National Rally deputies would vote for the invoice, welcoming, with a smile, “an ideological victory”. This is the ultimate blow, “the umpteenth blow”, the bulk grimaces, wearily. Where we’ll keep in mind December 19 as a turning level within the historical past of Macron’s decade.