Ibsen Martínez confesses that he attacked a number of {couples}: “You are alone, bastard, because you are an abuser” | EUROtoday

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The Venezuelan author acknowledges three scenes of brutality, years after his ex-wife recounted the occasions with out naming him.

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The Venezuelan mental Ibsen Martínez has admitted that he mistreated a number of of his companions and he has confessed to feeling relieved to admit it. “It was going to happen… [Confesar] It generates great relief in me. And I imagine it has to do with age, when you can no longer fool yourself: you are alone, bastard, because you are an abuser“stated Martínez, 72. The author, who simply launched the novel Oil story (Tusquets) after a decade with out publishing, paraphrase Juan Carlos Onetti days in the past on his social networks: “An old man is not one who was young.

There were three attacks, two in the 90s and one in the 70sas the Caraqueo writer explained to the newspaper The Passthe medium in which I have been writing for decades and that as a result of this revelation has canceled his collaborations.

Ibsen Martínez also recalled that more than two decades ago he already made this confession in an interview. One of those attacked, Sandra Caulapublished the article four years ago Secret to you in a Venezuelan digital medium, in which she recounted the attacks she suffered, although she did not mention her ex-partner, Ibsen, by name.

“The story is that this: a few years in the past, in Caracas, they gave me a beating. One morning, nearly with out saying a phrase, a person got here to my home to beat me. He aimed all of the punches at my face. Then he pinned me down for what appeared like hours, as a result of he was afraid I’d attain for a knife if he let go. That’s what she stated. But there was somewhat hostage subsequent to memonths (their son, who died years later), so I did not transfer,” Caula then reported in the media Cinco8.com.

“I did not wish to expose myself to a scandal. Because I used to be afraid, my attacker threatened to destroy me and will do it“Caula said to explain the reason for her silence.

Although the article maintained that Martínez’s behavior was no secret in certain intellectual circles in Caracas, the news has fallen like a bomb in the country and beyond. The newspaper The Pass and the Colombian magazine The Malpensante have decided to cancel their collaboration.

Martínez was a very popular writer in Venezuela for 30 years, the time when millions of viewers sat in front of the television every day to watch the soap opera. Through these streets, written by the author. The character Eudomar Santos and his recipes for life brought to light the daily life of the popular classes, so far from the prosperity of the Venezuela Saud. Many believe that without Through these streets The Hugo Chávez phenomenon would not have been possible.

“Enough of constant to cowl up aggressors. Enough of constant to justify sexist violence. And together with solidarity, its victims deserve justice. Enough!”, reacted feminist activist Luisa Kislinger. “What about Ibsen Martínez signifies the bounds of sacred cows. In a rustic of patrimonial elites and cronies, with complicity, a sacred cow is an authority to be revered. The Venezuelan who is aware of extra about… what he loves in that world“said political scientist Ricardo Sucre.

The Venezuelan #YoTeCreo is stirring again in this way, after reaching its maximum virulence two and a half years ago, when the suicide of the essayist and poet Willy McKey became known, who jumped from a ninth floor in Buenos Aires after being reported for seducing and force a minor. “Don’t be this. It grows inside and kills you. Sorry“, he wrote on his social networks earlier than leaping into the void.