Iceland volcano: Christmas is cancelled for exiled Grindavik residents after eruption | EUROtoday

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Hopes that evacuated residents of the Icelandic city of Grindavik may return in time for Christmas have been dashed after a close-by volcano lastly erupted.

Locals have been mentioned to be affected by anxiousness and stress after the volcanic eruption a number of miles from their properties, a city whose practically 4,000 inhabitants have been ordered to go away final month as a result of danger.

Defiant residents instructed The Independent they’d deliberate to be again within the “family-friendly” port by Christmas, vowing to rebuild after a 5.2-magnitude earthquake created a fissure via the city on 10 November. The mayor of Grindavik has confirmed there have been no locals within the port city on the time of the eruption however dashed any hopes they may return earlier than Monday.

The volcanic eruption occurred at 10.17pm on Monday

(Icelandic Coast Guard)

One fishing boat was towed to security from the port amid reviews a lodge proprietor had refused to go away the city the evening earlier than the eruption.

Andrea Aevarsdottir instructed The Independent she had fled to the capital Reykjavik, like most of her neighbours.

“Nobody has been living in town since 10 November,” she mentioned. “I was really on the fence about returning, but now I’m almost 100 per cent sure I won’t return.

“I’ve spoken to the people I work with and some of my friends in Grindavík. We’re all just like a popped balloon, we’re totally out of steam.”

“It’s really hard. I was just talking to the local priest and she said her whole body hurts from the stress and anxiety.”

Andrea Aevarsdottir’s complete life is in Grindavik however says she can be unable to return


It didn’t deter vacationers heading in direction of the volcanic eruption on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula to take selfies, marriage ceremony photos and even movie music movies.

“I’m very excited to be here in this place, in this time, just being able to see this natural phenomenon. It’s just something from a movie,” mentioned Robert Donald Forrester III on the scene.

Greg Lukosek, 37, a software program developer from Bedford, captured a surprising picture of the shimmering Northern Lights merging with the brilliant orange fires of the volcanic eruption.

He mentioned: “I’m travelling with my family, my wife and kids who are four and 11 – but I’m not too worried.I’ve seen previous eruptions although this one is much more intense and happening faster.

“Me and my family fell in love with Iceland in January. It’s our fifth trip here. We have seen a previous eruption at Litli-Hrutur and got very, very close as we hiked and spent the night right next to the lava fields.

“Honestly, sleeping next to an active volcano is an experience beyond something I can put into words. It was very spiritual even though I’m not a religious person. But this current eruption I’ve seen only from about five kilometres away through my drone.”

Gudjon and his spouse Ayca Eriskin have been amongst those that left

(Gudjon Sveinsson)

Rock musician Gudjon and his spouse Ayca Eriskin, who lately had their first little one, mentioned they’d determined not to return to Grindavik regardless of organising their household residence there after the primary 5.2-magnitude earthquake rocked the city.

He instructed The Independent: “It’s a strange feeling, it was shocking and a bit scary at first, but at the moment it is looking like the town will be okay, so there is also a sense of relief of this finally starting.”

On whether or not different Grindavik residents have been trying to return to the city simply two and a half miles away from the eruption, he replied: “Definitely not before Christmas, but yes, if there won’t be any major shifts or changes to the flow, it is looking like people could be back there sometime soon.”

Onlookers collect to observe the lava move after the eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula


Mayor Fannar Jonasson mentioned it was a aid no magma has to this point erupted on the town but it surely was clear that there can be no Christmas in Grindavik this yr.

He mentioned: “It would be very serious if lava flows started to flow towards Grindavik. There is actually a possibility of reacting and at least delaying that progress with powerful machines that are in the area.

“As things stand, we are not the most worried about this, but it is close enough to say that it will not be possible to celebrate Christmas in Grindavik.”

He says it’s a aid that the eruption didn’t happen in a worse place.

“The location is perhaps the best on this crack.

“Considering how there was a magma tunnel directly under the town, you can say that this is a relief.”