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They suggest deleting six articles from the Penal Code as a result of they “collide head-on” with freedom of expression

Felipe VI, last Thursday, during his visit to the Navy Non-Commissioned Officers School in San Fernando (C
Felipe VI, final Thursday, throughout his go to to the Navy Non-Commissioned Officers School in San Fernando (Cdiz).Red RomanianEFE
  • Politics Congress begins the discount of punishment for insults to the King and glorification of terrorism with the help of the PSOE and the independentists
  • Congress The PSOE aligns itself with ERC and Bildu and opens the door to decriminalize insults to the King

The PSOE and its investiture companions will give approval tonight to the processing of Sumar’s invoice that may decriminalize insults to the Rey, the glorification of terrorism and terrorists and acts that humiliate the victims. The initiative, which can now start the parliamentary course of for its remaining approval, goals to switch the Penal Code suppressing the articles 490.3, 491, 504, 525, 543 and 578; the modification of the article 22 and 538 and the addition of a brand new Article 536 twice with the argument that each one of them “collide head-on” with the train of freedom of expression, a elementary proper expressly protected by the article 20 from Constitution.

In quick, the textual content proposes the decriminalization of slander and insults to the King and the members of the Corona within the train of their capabilities, in addition to using the picture of the Monarch so as to discredit the establishment. Nor will offenses or outrages towards Spain, the Autonomous Communities or their flags and anthems be punished.

It can be proposed to remove the crime of glorifying and publicly justifying terrorism or those that have participated in terrorist acts or those that humiliate the victims.

Likewise, the crime of great libel and slander towards the Government, the General Council of the Judiciary, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court or the Government Councils might be erased. Superior Courts of Justice of the CCAA. And even using violence to stop the members of mentioned our bodies from attending their conferences is decriminalized.

Nor will those that offend a non secular confession, mock its beliefs or ceremonies, or publicly harass those that follow it will likely be punished.

This similar proposal was raised on a number of events within the final legislature and the PSOE additionally supported its processing, nevertheless, later within the means of amendments they declined. Now, as soon as once more the proposal prospers however not with out some reluctance. For instance, the PNV, which has supported it, has nonetheless demanded that experiences be requested from the felony part of the legislation codification fee and as many professional experiences as are needed to handle the proposed reform of the Penal Code with all of the ensures. .

The invoice will start its parliamentary processing with the vote in favor of the bloc that cements the Government and the opposition of PP, Vox, UPN and CC. The widespread They denounce that the Executive is “buying the legislative agenda of its radical partners” and with this they take “one more step” within the try and “erode the rule of law and attack the parliamentary monarchy that all the presidents of the Government have defended until now” .

For the PP, the initiative of the get together led by Yolanda Díaz goals to “give impunity to attacks against the State, the King, democratic institutions or victims of terrorism.”

His consultant within the debate, Sergio Sayas, has insisted that democracy is eroded when pardons and amnesties are granted as the worth of blackmail and when a movement of censure is made by Bildu, a celebration that has not indifferent itself or a millimeter of the terrorist group ETA, which carries out acts with the assistance of terrorists and has on its lists these convicted of terrorism.

The PP has recalled that crimes resembling these included within the Penal Code are included within the laws of Germany, Belgium or France. “What does not happen in any other country is that the Government negotiates with a fugitive from Justice. The PSOE has become a protagonist of indecency in exchange for staying in the chair,” mentioned Sayas, for whom “the great “What is new is that the assault on democracy, the Constitution and the State comes from the Government and its president, Pedro Sánchez.”

The PSOE, through the mouth of deputy Isaura Leal, has insisted that freedom of expression contributes to the strengthening of the democratic State and is a brake on the arbitrariness of those who govern. Leal has stated that the necessary reforms must be agreed upon to correctly interpret the exercise of freedom of expression. The PSOE believes that the reform of the Penal Code must “begin from consensus” and for this it is essential, he assured, that the PP “transfer away from the acute proper.”

For the socialists it is necessary to open a “calm and reasonable” debate on this reform and that is why they will vote in favor of the processing of the bill although they already warn that they will make amendments and contributions to it because “the establishments should be revered” and the “victims of terrorism should be protected.” “Words can by no means incite hatred that results in violence,” stressed the PSOE deputy:

From Bildu, its spokesperson has preferred to defend the proposition as if it only intended to protect artists or rappers who use provocation, sarcasm or irony in their works. Jon Iarritu has not made any reference to the tributes to ETA members or the humiliation of the victims of terrorism.

Afterwards, the representative of Junts has focused on accusing the monarchy of being an “workplace of fee brokers” and the King, of being a thief, and has assured that now whoever says this is going to jail. However, he has ignored the fact that he himself can say it with complete freedom. Junts has taken the opportunity to reproach the fact that independentists are not recognized for their right to decide.

The ERC spokesperson, Pilar Vallugera, has been surprised by the incoherence of those who seek to punish the King’s insults but at the same time affirm that the President of the Government will end up hanging by his feet. The deputy has stated that freedom of expression must be a concept of “non-submission” and has urged the PSOE not to allow a proposal that aims to put an end to a repressive attitude not to end up once again “sleeping the sleep of the simply.” Nor did she need to make reference to the proposal to decriminalize the glorification of terrorism and the humiliation of victims.