“The joint committee is a trap that the government has set for itself” | EUROtoday

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Lhe vote of December 19 on the “immigration” legislation will mark a turning level in Emmanuel Macron’s second five-year time period and, extra broadly, in nationwide political life. The authorities solely achieved its “victory” within the National Assembly on the finish of a course of the place its textual content was rewritten by Les Républicains (LR) and voted on by the National Rally (RN).

Excellent illustration of ” at the same time “, the invoice from the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, which included a “progressive” element and a “repressive” element, slid in the direction of a way more rigorous system, prone to win the approval of the proper and the the intense proper. How did we get there ?

Since the June 2022 elections, now we have been in a minority authorities state of affairs. It is a quite simple and considerably brutal political actuality: a “relative” majority like that of Renaissance is just not a majority in any respect. The authorities solely governs below the affect of “rationalized parliamentarism” (49.3 and others…) and hyper-presidentialism. The pension reform episode within the spring confirmed this unvarnished.

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That of the “immigration” legislation displays this worsening, however in a sequence the place the federal government has locked itself into an institutional tactic which has led it to an deadlock.

The first mistake was to go by power within the legislation committee of the National Assembly. While a textual content largely reworked by the Senate – and due to this fact by Bruno Retailleau’s LR group – had been accepted by the federal government, the latter allowed its personal relative majority to “unravel” it to a big extent. This might solely anger the senators. On the Assembly aspect, this uncovered the federal government to the fact of its political state of affairs. That, due to this fact, of a really fragile relative majority.

The RN’s lethal kiss

On a topic producing pressure inside Renaissance itself, immigration, what was speculated to occur occurred: a movement to reject was handed due to the opportunistic conjunction of all of the oppositions. This is the place the second mistake was made: the selection of the joint committee (CMP) to attain the adoption of a textual content.

The objective of a CMP is, ranging from two divergent texts voted on in every of the assemblies, to reach at a consensual textual content. However, on this case, solely the Senate had voted on a textual content. The objective of a movement to reject is to finish all dialogue earlier than any vote. In CMP solely the senatorial textual content was due to this fact on the desk.

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