A strolling tour at Christmas time in Prague | EUROtoday

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Jara has arrived in Prague, as soon as once more, on the fundamental practice station, the place he had already escaped from his father as a six-year-old as a result of he was so within the locomotives. Now he is grown up, it is Christmas Eve, he is ready for his pals to name again and he is working round city. When he involves the railway bridge between the districts of Smíchov and Vyšehrad, he sees a light-weight shifting in direction of him by the fog. What glows like a lantern is the pinnacle of a person he had just lately seen in a bar. But Jara does not discover it scary; he begins speaking to the person, who introduces himself to him as “Kavka”. Jara tells of a pal who drowned within the Vltava and tells Kavka that the useless poets became birds, which then gathered at this very bridge – though not all of them: the drinkers, says Kavka, do not get wings, they get fins . They develop into carp.

The astonishing dialogue between the 2 stranded folks is contained within the slim quantity “Christmas in Prague,” which the Czech poet Jaroslav Rudiš revealed this fall. We meet on the identical railway bridge the place Jara and Kavka meet, it’s the darkest time of the yr, the time of the shortest days across the winter solstice, when everybody places all hope within the expertise that issues will quickly lookup once more.