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Actress Carole Bouquet defended Gérard Depardieu on Thursday night, the goal of a number of complaints for rape and sexual assault. She criticized a “media court” and guaranteed that the actor was “incapable of harming a woman”.

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Actress Carole Bouquet, former accomplice of Gérard Depardieu, focused by a number of complaints for rape and sexual assault and on the coronary heart of a scandal that has change into political-media, stated she was “afraid for him”, Thursday December 21 on tv.

“I have a real problem with what is happening with Gérard at the moment… I am afraid for him,” declared the actress on the present “Quotidien” on TMC, defending of the person who was his companion for ten years and an adored actor earlier than falling into opprobrium.

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“This media tribunal continues, it’s been going on for months and it’s killing a man. I can’t stand it. I have no possible tenderness for someone who turns out to be a monster, but This is not the case for Gérard,” she continued.

“Gérard is capable of being rude, of having sometimes borderline humor, but he is incapable of hurting a woman,” she assured, recalling having experienced “ten years of sexuality” with him. “Let’s stop the delectation,” she urged again.

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, the daughter of actor Julie Depardieu, on tv, and earlier than her members of her household, in a discussion board, spoke publicly to defend Gérard Depardieu, indicted following of one of many two complaints he’s the topic of in France. The star refutes these accusations.

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